Welcome to the Community! Please Introduce Yourself


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Welcome and enjoy

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thank you. i am sure i will.

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Welcome to the family brother @Joseph213 and you are blessed to be here. Thank you for your service.


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Happy new year everyone


Hi Juan!

It sounds like you have a good understanding in your approach to learning about firearms. That is how I started.

It’s a great sport… fresh air, community, the focus on shooting clears your mind, becoming a protector is a burden and a gift.

Did your purchase a firearm yet?

Be safe and learn well!


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Hi Allan!

What does deep blue state refer to?

Upper Michigan, Montana in the woods?


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Welcome all newcomers!

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New member to USCCA, i am a old worn out Industrial constructon worker thats been shooting and hunting since my early teens and have been carrying a handgun for defence since the mid 90s with my CHL. Ive had 4 defensive HG and 1 urban rifle class from Thunder Ranch Texas, if you can go its worth it. My favorite handgun for carry has always been the .45 cal 1911 platform, the past couple of years I have switched the 9mm, Berretta 92 Compact and a P365. only use your HG as a last resort and misses dont count. Glad to be here in the shooting community.


Glad to have you here @WILLIAM472 . Are you in Texas than? We are fellow Texans down here in Johnson City.

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Welcome aboard @WILLIAM472 !

S/W Arkansas, I worked in Longview about 10 years and now back home in Arkansas. I like Texas better but responsibilities brought me back to Arkansas.

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Welcome to the family brother @WILLIAM472 and god bless you.