Welcome to the Community! Please Introduce Yourself

Ok, I need to get in touch before dues. Made financial alteration.

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@Vonda Welcome to the community, we are glad you are here. Stay safe, Bruce and Nancy. :wink:

Thank you and God bless you

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@Vonda Greetings and welcome. This is the Community Forum, it is even open to the public. I am guessing that you want to update something about your USCCA membership(?). If yes, go to:

Once again… welcome. Lot’s of great people here!

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Hey @ricky16 welcome aboard from a fellow Texan!

Welcome from a fellow Texan!

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Thanks, and glad to be here. I am a former police officer from the Chicago suburbs.

I don’t intend to start off my membership on a bad note, but want the USCCA community to be aware of my recent Palmetto State Armory experience.

I order a few boxes of 9mm ammunition with them about 3 weeks ago and my debit card was charged. While I understand fully the current demand and supply problem, and anticipated a longer-than-usual wait for the ammo to arrive, my order was unexpectedly “canceled” on their end without any notification. I’ve emailed and called them repeatedly, but haven’t received a response (or refund).

This is merely a word of caution before anyone considers ordering from PSA.

Thanks for the opportunity to warn all.


Thanks for the heads up and welcome to the community!

Thank you.

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They’re just swamped. They responded to a note from me within a day, so that isn’t bad at all under the current conditions! maybe try that method.

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Thanks, Brad. Will do.

Hello. 1st time posting so I’ll introduce myself.
My name is Michael but everyone calls me DUKE. I’m a US Marine Corps veteran and I’ve always been conscience of self defense but never owned a gun until October of 2016. My 4 children are now adults so I now feel secure with Firearms in the house. I’m now a member of the NRA,IDPA, and USCCA and I own 4 hand guns and an AR15.
My EDC concealed weapon is a Springfield XDs .45 with 2 additional 6 round mags, my Tactical Striker Pen/LED Strobe/flashlight, my Kershaw Ken Onion designed Knife and my back up ankle holster packing my Glock 42 with an extra 6 round mag.
I love Sport Shooting and competing with my Springfield RO Elite Operator in 9mm with iron sights or my Ruger GP100 .22LR revolver for Plinking is my favorite pastime now days.
The situation our country and the world has been in since 2016 has convinced my wife of the need of adequate home defense and she now hopes I am finished purchasing Guns for a while.
Sorry for rambling. Its Interesting to read people’s posts. I like the Community.
I’m from the great state of MICHIGAN


@MICHAEL453 Welcome to the community. Your in good company here, Stay safe, Bruce and Nancy. :wink:

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My name is Jack, callsign Simjack. I am 66 1/2 years old and born and raised in TN. Myself and my wife have been members for about a month now and I just figured out how to introduce myself :wink:
I had a .22 rifle where the ammo was loaded below the length of the barrel and a .410 gauge single shot shotgun at the age of 10.
I grew up in a small town with a lot of areas to shoot. A man that lived in the town had a shop where he built muzzle loaders and he built one for me when I was 11, but died before the woodwork was sanded and finished. It is a .54 caliber with a hair trigger that takes very little pressure to fire. I finished it and it still shoots to this day.
I have had a CCP since 1980 and my wife got hers in 2002. We joined a local pistol range and I can hit targets easily at 30 feet. My wife is not proficient and at 10 feet still needs practice. She still anticipates the noise, recoil, and lacks a steady trigger pull. When we go to the pistol range, I don’t shoot but instead help her (I don’t like to clean more than one pistol per session) and I am teaching her that task now. :slightly_smiling_face:
We joined the USCCA for the legal representation. I went onto the attorney database, but there is only one attorney in Chattanooga. I reached out to them as well as to the USCCA customer support. The attorney finally answered and said he and a partner were both versed in 2A and self defense cases. I still am trying to get them and the USCCA to address my concerns, but now seems to be bad timing with the COVID-19 pandemonium.
I have already started some conversations in the community forum so if you made it this far, hello. :us:


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Welcome everyone, nice intro’s!

Hey everyone! Thanks for the tag and reminder @Dawn!

I’m Keith, 38 year old father of two boys and husband to one wifey. Formerly active Ammo Tech (USMC). New to the concealed carry community but I guess better late than never. Happy to be here and really enjoying all the content and community as well. Love everything outdoors from camping to slacklining and everything in between.



I ordered a couple boxes of 9mm ammo a week or so ago. It just got delivered. Like everyone else, skeleton crew and swamped.


Hello everyone I’m new here but I’m glad I choose the best USCCA as my insurance in case of a self defense hope I’ll be part of this great family for a very long time. God bless all of you.


@Keith61 and @Alfredo7 Welcome to the community. We are glad you are here. Stay safe, Bruce and Nancy. :wink:

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