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Welcome everyone, so many new names today. Stay safe, Bruce and Nancy. :+1:


Thanks for the info.

"Knock, knock’.

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I am Mike
I have been a member for many years but have not yet been a part of this community. Looks good


Hello! My Name is Kevin and I live in North Carolina. I am a college professor (my third career, for the past 12 years) and a card carrying Republican. I know, I know, a rare find in the Academy. In my earlier years I was in Banking & Finance for 26 years and then 10 years in Insurance and Financial Services. I owned a Nationwide Insurance Agency and finished my career in Insurance with the largest fraternal in the US, Thrivent Financial.

I am a collector and shooing enthusiast. I just changed my screen name today. I was formerly listed as Kevin 120. I prefer my new name HenryRugerGlockSr. Yes, those are my preferred brands to shoot and I am a collector of all of them.

I have been a member since 2013 and licensed to carry concealed since 1995. EDC is a Glock 42. Back up is a Bond Arms .357 3in.

I will be retiring in the next year or so, and I am considering becoming an NRA Instructor and a CC Instructor here in NC. A man has to keep busy and out of the house when he retires, or so says my bride of 46 years. In my last post as Kevin 120, I described my new gun range, constructed on my property, here in NC. I now have a 100 Yard rifle and pistol range, @80 Yards from my back porch.

Life is Good!


It sounds like we know where the next USCCA NC get together is going to be. Please tell me that you also have a smoker nearby!



I am tagging one of our community Moderators and USCCA instructors who lives in Missouri and is very knowledgeable on your states gun laws. She can add or correct me if I give you incomplete or incorrect information.

If I am not mistaken Missouri is now a Constitutional Carry state and you are not required to have a Concealed Carry permit to carry in the state of Missouri (as a resident).

The only reason you would need one is if you were going to travel out of Missouri and needed it for reciprocity with other states.

Zee will be able to give you more detailed information on what you will need to do to get that CCL.


what I do plan on traveling on the roadside would like to be able to carry my weapon please give me the information thank you so much


The USCCA app and Web site can help a lot. I also like the book available here - http://bookvalueusa.com/.


Welcome fellow Illinoisan.

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Hello everyone!

I’m Mark and am so glad to have found USCCA and join this great group about a year ago. I’m here in Texas and have only had a CC permit for about 5 years, but got interested in carrying as I continue to see, hear and read about the ongoing assaults on innocent lives here in my hometown. I carry a SigSauer SP2022 9mm and also a small Ruger LC9 depending on where I am going. I’m relatively new to carrying as I don’t carry everyday, but after joining USCCA and reading a lot of the information, magazines and blogs available here, I’m more in tune to becoming a regular cc carrier.

I’ve joined up locally with some other avid gun owners and go to their outdoor range regularly and am really enjoying time spent practicing and learning new skills. Looking forward to learning and sharpening my skills and sharing knowledge in this forum.



@QuikDraw4Life Welcome to the community. Glad to have you here. Stay safe, Bruce and Nancy. :wink:


Thanks for your service to the healthcare field during this difficult time. You are making a difference, and we are grateful for your willingness to put yourself at risk to help others in need.


Hi, I’m David
I grew up in the country and have been around firearms all my life. One of my favorite past times was hunting although now it has been quite a while since I have been hunting. My Dad was a WWII Army veteran in the Alamo Scouts. He trained me and all my brothers and sisters. We all survived…
I am a USN veteran.
I went from plowing, milking cows, raising gardens, hunting and fishing to repairing aircraft electronics and then into engineering for aircraft.
I like to ride my motorcycle and I am almost always carrying (except at the airports where I work)
I am now a grandfather and have been married to the same woman since I was 25.
The best advice on self-defense is the same one I learned when boxing with my older brother. Never telegraph your moves, and don’t tell anyone what you’re going to do. When you decide, it’s full commitment. Either do or do not. (Reminds me of Yoda)
Honestly, my favorite gun is my Ruger 44 magnum carbine, and I can still hit a target at 100 yards. I use open sights. Hate scopes.
I shoot whenever I can, but it is never enough.
I usually carry a 45 or 380 or both concealed, but I am still most comfortable with a low hanging western style pistol that I only carry when hunting. I carry a shoulder mounted 22LR Buckmark when fishing. (those expensive lures aren’t staying in that dang tree!) It’s effective or water moccasins too.
I live in GA but I am a misplaced Okie. I have lived in several states and have turned down opportunities where the 2A was not respected.
My goal is to never use my firearm on a person, but I am quite able if needed.
My advice to anyone new is “Whatever gun you have, know how to thoroughly clean it and keep it clean whether you use it or not. You don’t want it to jam when you need it. Get training if you need it. Everyone needs it.”
USCCA is peace of mind when there is so much stupid legislation and knee jerk reactions.


I have a biiiggg Weber Grill and a large gas grill as well. No smoker…yet.


@David178 Welcome to the community. Glad to have you here. Stay safe, Bruce and Nancy. :wink:


Holy smokes…or holy cow…lots of new members here, lots of nice intro’s!!! Welcome to all!!! The USCCA has lots to offer, and many knowledgeable people here, as I call them the “masters.” Again, welcome!!!


Welcome to the community everyone. You’re in a great place with great people.


I hope to one day know how to use this internet. I’m sorry, but I can’t figure it out


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You will. Internet is like reading the books and writing the letters…

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