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In Utah there is a law that says you have to have a sign on or near the door that says either “This Is A Bar” or “This is Not a Bar” and they actually enforce that rule. I guess it’s for those times when you walk into an establishment, see the ladies on stage and the guy behind the aaa… counter you won’t be confused. You’ll know if you should order something to eat or not.


Wisconsin Weird Driving Laws

  • No one can camp in a wagon on any public highway or risk a fine of up to ten dollars. You’ll have to stick to campgrounds or your backyard!
  • Livestock have the right-of-way on public roads. In the dairy state, it’s not uncommon to pass by fields of cows, sheep, or other livestock. Just be careful on the roads if any of those animals get out!
  • In Hudson, Wisconsin, no one can sit on another person’s parked car without their verbal consent.
  • In LaCrosse, Wisconsin, it is illegal to tie up your horse along Third Street.
  • In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, it is illegal for a car to be parked on the street for over two hours unless a horse is tied to the car.

Other Weird Laws in Wisconsin

  • It is a State Law that apple pie cannot be served in public restaurants without cheese
  • When two trains meet at an intersection, State Law says that neither shall proceed until the other has
  • Margarine may not be used in place of real butter unless the customer requests it in a restaurant
  • In Brookfield, Wisconsin, it is illegal for someone to allow someone else to use their phone to make prank phone calls
  • In Hudson, Wisconsin, screens are required on all windows from May 1st to October 1st

When you visit Texas and get to the entrance of some restaurants you will see a 51% sign. This means fifty one percent or more of their sales is from alcohol and therefore it’s a bar. Go put your firearm in the car or find somewhere else to eat…


Here is a wired law from Arizona. It is unlawful to hunt camels. And this law was made because the Cavalry did an experiment where they used camels instead of horses because of the heat in the desert heat in Arizona. And this one sort of makes sense IT IS ILLEGAL TO REFUSE TO GIVE SOMEONE WATER IN ARIZONA.


I was reading about invasive species and got off on a tangent. I think they were shooting camels in Australia. Apparently shooting a lot. Like overheating the rifle barrel to the point of burning yourself hot. Sounded like a good time though…

Not the same story I read before but still entertaining.

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The U. S. Cavalry did do the experiment. And I guess that when it was over with they just let the camels go. and people started to hunt them. So they made it illegal to hunt them I guess because the camels were still government property.


I am aware of camels being “hunted” in Arizona as late as 1960. They were not being shot, but rather taken and relocated to various zoos and wildlife parks.