Weekend training: Mimicking draw from a holster

Not all ranges will allow you to draw from a holster on the line. There are ways to train part of the draw from a holster on the range and supplement your training with dry fire training at home.

Load your firearm and take yourself to the spot where you orient your firearm to the threat (if you are mimicking a carry position behind 3 o’clock, take yourself to the position where your firearm has the first clear aim at the threat (close to 3 o’clock) so you do not risk flagging anyone at the line on either side of you).

From this position, continue your drawing sequence. Extending, acquiring the second hand on the grip as appropriate, and take your shots.

Return to your starting position and repeat the steps.

At home, your dry fire training will start by pulling from the holster and then overlapping the rest of the drill you trained at the range.

How else do you train to draw from a holster for your self-defense training?

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I do it in front of the mirror with my image as the target.


I do it the same way as described above.
Whole sequence is the same as a regular drawing, but instead of grabbing the firearm from the holster I pick it up from the bench in front of me.
However I definitely prefer classic draw stroke and practice it at least twice a month during classes at my local Ranges.

I have also used the mirror to practice my draw. Even if I were to cheat, so does my opponent! I have actually learned a lot from battling my image. At first I was missing the target. Take that to a reality moment and chew on it.


Most of us have cellphones with video capability, right?

I usually record myself whether I’m looking at my draw, or whatever so I can go back and critique every movement.

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I dry fire practice in the mirror and time myself with my iTarget system.

I go to a range where I can draw from the holster, form under concealment, etc., that’s what I do.

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I use a laser bullet in my EDC, dry fire at home drawling from my EDC holster. I also use an app I got from a laser bullet company and their special targets. Setup my iPhone on a tripod start the app and it will sound a beep then you drawl and fire. The app will show you where your laser struck the target and tell you how long it took you to drawl and fire, by 10th’s of a second. I’m averaging 2.4/2.3 seconds from concealment.
I use this 2 to 3 times wkly or when ever possible.
I also use this app with my SIRT LASER PISTOL and drawl from a holster.