Weekend Drill: Exercise at home

Self-defense encompasses a lot of different physical components - from being able to physically defend yourself to getting away from a dangerous situation quickly - being in your personal best physical condition can make all of the difference.

Michael Phelps can not run like Usain Bolt and Usain Bolt can’t swim like Michael Phelps. We all need to train to our strengths.

What exercises do you do while you’re at home?

For example, while we’re working remotely, I’m doing a lot of stairs because my office is in the basement. I will run up the stairs, take two at a time, go up backward or sideways (not all at the same time). I’m working different leg muscle groups doing the stairs differently.

I am also entertaining my granddaughter lifting her a number of different ways - mimicking all sorts of upper body workouts. She loves it and I get a workout.


I’m fortunate to not be stuck at home. I work in a warehouse, loading trucks, among other things. On an average day I’ll load 60,xxx(yes, 60 thousand) lbs. It’s almost all by hand. In the course of that, I walk a lot


I climbed up on the roof and trimmed my areca palm trees today. Doesn’t sound like much when I type it out, but is a pretty good workout.

Still doing a 4 day weightlifting cycle at home gym. Really need to get back into cardio training again - used to run 21 miles a week, but have fell off the wagon :-1:

Edit: about 45 feet of 15 to 20’ tall arecas …


I’m NG, and literally doing a weekend drill and exercising at home. This topic confused me. :crazy_face:


Well the weekend is house cleaning, vacuuming , laundry, mopping , scrubbing the bathrooms, clean all the major appliances, then if time permits reloading if you put that all these thing together that a lot of exercises , and thats what keeps me going. So went I going shooting out in the desert I have no problem moving about, ps on the walks to and from I usually find lot of single fired brass the I clean up and reload.

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