Weekend Drill: Battling the Zombie Hordes

Just in time for the Zombie Apocalypse… Here’s a fun movement drill as demonstrated by a couple of USCCA Staffers and our friend, Graham Allen.

What fun seasonal drills do you use for your self-defense training?

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Unfortunately I can use indoor range only, so fun stuff is limited.
However me and my sons enjoy shooting different targets:

  • we hunt

  • we play rulette

  • we visit amusement park

:upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m ready!


That looked like fun :+1:
I’m guessing since punkin-chunkin involves air cannons, it doesn’t count… :thinking:

Nothing special for targets, but I was thinking it might be time to start trying out my fingerless gloves on the range.

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I’m ready for Zombies :wink:

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