Weekend drill: 1 to 5

Do you do any similar drills?


"This is not a timed drill, so it should be completed at a controlled pace. Accuracy is more important than speed. Speed will inherently come through repetition. " (from the citation discussion)

Instructors have shared a good thing here is to remember cadence. If it’s all new to you try for a well aimed round every 3 seconds, then every 2, and then every 1 through the entirety of the drill. This keeps your head in the game, you don’t lose accuracy trying to beat time at expense of all else. And when you are in a position to fight as you train your mind is focused on delivering accurate fire on center of mass while observing effects.

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Good drill. Have to put this one into my schedule.

I like 6-6-6 drill and 10-10-10 drill. These are more challenging… but who doesn’t like challenges…:point_left:

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