website not working

I used to read your memes. then they began flashing off every time I scrolled down. Then they disappeared and I couldn’t go back even if the numbers changed.
So I joined and now the memes don’'t even show anymore and I can’t find any of the new memes.
So what’s the problem with your site?

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If I am following, you are talking about the USCCA Community (message forum, basically). There are some threads with memes in them.

Membership is not required to post here or reach the threads/view the memes.

This is one of those threads

What are you using to access the community? Like, type of device, browser if applicable. Google Chrome is the most reliable browser. If broswer, try Chrome, and try clearing cookies/cache and reloading


Welcome to our community :handshake:
Now it is our site. Congrats on starting a new thread.