Weatherby, Anyone?

Weatherby rifles - with their distinctive bolt design - are one of the few push-feed rifles I’d be interested in acquiring - especially because of the proof-test years ago where the actions resisted pressures up to 200K psi - and Remington boasted that their M700 had the strongest action, never having referred to a similar test. The CNC machining needed to produce the bolt is supposedly the main reason these are so pricey - I think that their “Vanguard” features 3 pairs of 6 lugs on the bolt body, in standard calibers - although I prefer a controlled-round feed action in a Winchester or Kimber - and without the plunger ejector. Does anyone want to comment - good, bad, or indifferent - on Weatherby standard-caliber rifles?

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The biggest thing I have against Weatherby rifles is the stock design, they are designed to roll to ease the felt recoil and it takes a couple of seconds to get back on target. As to the cartridges they are great for reloading.

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I can’t remember what gun mag I read articles about the Weatherby in. They always were a choice rifle. I don’t think I heard a bad word about them. Some out here probably still have that info stashed somewhere. :us:

Are you referring to the Weatherby Magnum chamberings?
Ammo cost would be a definite drawback.
But they are lovely, crafted rifles—especially with the Mesquite stocks
Sort of like the Colt Pythons of rifle world, only the Weatherby Magnums kick harder. Much harder.

The actual Weatherby rifles which come in to actions. Magnum which has 3 rows or bolt lugs and non magnum which has two rows and a slightly slimmer body on the action. I’ve owned several of the non magnum Weatherbys since I’m not a huge fan of proprietary magnum cartridges, and from hands on experience I can tell you it’s difficult to find a higher quality gun.

I think highly enough of them that I gave my son a real Weatherby chambered in 30-06 as a High School graduation gift. That gun set me back over $1,000 back then before I scoped it. But he’ll have that gun forever.

The Weatherby Vangard is a lower price line made for Weatherby by Howa in Japan. It’s a two lug push feed action that is an overbuilt version of the Remington 700 with a better extractor and a flat bottom. Excellent gun in its own right BUT not a true Weatherby except for the name.