Weapons of War? Then Why Are we Arming the Police with Them?

Ahhh the good ol days when you had your shotgun or rifle mounted on the back window of your truck while at work or school………

Nobody messed with it, nobody thought it was weird or dangerous……

But guns are clearly the problem…….:roll_eyes:

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When some departments were starting to acquire AR15 or M4s the argument was that they needed them to be armed at least as well as the criminals were. I feel the same way. I need one to be just as well armed. The long bow was a poor match for the Winchester rifle.

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I remember those days. It was no big deal (even at my High School) to see a baseball bat and/or shotgun hanging up on a gun rack in the back window of the truck. It was somewhat of a proud status symbol that proclaimed ‘Heck yeah I live on a farm!’.


My take for having a long gun was very much as like The Swiss. The population is the militia. And like our early days regarding The Minutemen each a long gun, shot, flint, and powder to empower them time to join up at the armory or any other rally point. We have a luxury with our borders made with relatively benign neighboring States. So, so far, we have not yet arrived at the point in time where our needs are those of Israel. For which I am glad, the designated marksman’s AR I have would be a royal pain in the arse as an every day carry.

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