We Elect and PAY these people

“Sources say abortion funding has emerged as the latest snag in the Senate’s talks to finalize a bipartisan agreement on addressing gun violence,”

A big push to pass “Gun Laws” BUT WAIT! There’s More… Abortion Funding. No kidding these fools can’t control themselves. It’s like they sit back there and say to themselves, “While we’re taking control of the little peoples guns let’s take control of who pays for their abortions…”. These folks are power mongers of the worst kind, it’s power over the people at every turn. Adding Abortion Funding to a “Gun Violence” law is ridiculous. And we Pay these fools to “Govern” us.


These hundred and thousand page bills that in some cases can’t even be read by congressmen until after they vote on them should not be allowed.


Think about how many states we have that pay taxes and the billions of dollars state and federal government piss away ; what’s wrong with this picture; we are being raped, We need a abortion.
Oh wait this is in the poop shoot, without any kissing while we are being F****D.
PS: delete delete delete delete.
Back to happy thoughts.


You have your answer! Are lights going on all over the place? We also know the fix! This summer is going to make or break us!
November, November is already decided! Heck, November 2024 is decided.
Thing is how do you want to play it?