we can only wish


I am honestly growing tired of ALL of this Political Criminal stuff. I’m old enough to remember Nixon, Clinton, Bush/Cheney, Hillary, each of who, with a little bit of “justice” could be locked up right now. But not a single one of them got criminally sentenced for any of their crimes. Fast forward to today Donald, Joe, Hunter, sure we’ll hear about how terrible and awful their crimes against democracy are. Grand Juries and Special Councils will be seated, testimony heard, moving vans full of documents seized and scrutinized. Political and legal experts will analyze the law and the evidence. Judges will hear the cases and rulings will start to roll out. Then just like Nixon or Bill Clinton of Hillary the final ruling will be… well… Nothing. They’ll turn out the lights and all meet at the bar across the street for drinks.


This must be mandatory reading for politicians.


are you saying, this thing on TV that occupies Americans’ minds - is a circus? Impossible!!!

If it is a circus, I am waiting for the Magic Act. You’ve got to watch magician’s other hand, you know, esp. if it is in your pocket.


Great Point, What’s happening in the dank dark smoke filled back office rooms while they have us focused on the new shiny objects…




The risk of political criminal/legal prosecutions is that they become a common means of attacking political opponents. Socialist countries – Russia, China – regularly criminally prosecute political opponents and dissidents, even those who do not hold a political office. It’s how they maintain control and keep their government jobs. It’s always been a part of the US political landscape, as well. For example, criminalizing possession of a plastic box that can hold more than 15 rounds of ammo is really focused on political opponents and not public safety.

Likewise, Dan Baum documents how Nixon’s war on drugs targeted his political opponents and had nothing to do with public safety and welfare. Here’s Baum’s article:

Legalize It All, by Dan Baum (harpers.org)

Unless and until the folks enacting and pursuing criminal prosecutions of political opponents are kicked out of office, this trend will continue to be part of America.