We can now look forward to tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees coming to America

We can now look forward to tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees coming to America. This will hasten the US becoming a true third world nation. Your taxes at work.

Is this something you saw in the news, or just speculation based on the past couple of years?

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… no we can’t :smirk:

… so tens of thousands Ukrainians are going to convert USA to Third World? Based on what? Different look? Different culture?
BTW… Have you ever been in Ukraine, or even talk to somebody who been there?
Third World, you say… :person_facepalming:


Well, that’s the most xenophobic thing I’ve heard today.


If they’re willing to answer “Help Wanted” signs, my city could probably take a thousand or so.


A few good friends and former co workers are from Ukraine. Met them all on the job, several former military, all good workers, none of them trolls.


Different culture?

Yeah, work your tail off, advance through hard work, intellect and experience/education…my 3 former Coworkers from Ukraine did that, one was head machinest, one chief inspector, one Gov’t liaison for our Chinook/Apache rotor heads…all first generation, coming here as adults with family.
how un American :smirk:


From what I’m seeing on tv, it would be tens of thousands of people who understand tyranny, and how to pick up a weapon and fight against it.


Given how they fight I will welcome them.


and for that reason, there will not be any. Nor in Canada, home to large Ukrainian community, historically.


I would rather take a refuge whose brothers in arms are willing to fight and die for their country than thousands who are willing to simply get their feet wet for a new start in America. Bring them on!


And so are many other countries receiving them.

Hmmmm, it’s a war. Hmmmm, with … Russia. Does Russia have the second largest military budget in the world?

If the U.S. were attacked, and if my family could not find food or shelter, I hope I could find sanctuary.

America might be the most diverse country in the world. Unique. Why would I want us all to be the same?

Hope I’m blind to it, but I can only count one Ukrainian I know. Happens to be a cool person, and a physician. Never seen that person so sad as these days.

I’m biased though, hope they believe in “self defense”. Hey, wait a minute, I’m seeing that they do.

Now that does help me see more meaning into the history of the Second Amendment of the U.S.


I’m not worried about the REAL Ukrainians coming here for help, it’s the patriotic Russians that will be flooding the country that worry me.

Patriotic for which Russian side or cause? Spies? After watching this vid, I’m like, you 10 dudes, “cuff me please instead”?

Interesting point though in that; Are we in another "Cold War?

based on a a true story

The Courier (2021)

Bridge of Spies (2015)

It’s a different situation than Afghanistan where they have different moral values. Not saying there aren’t good people but I think those aren’t the ones that Biden brought in

Ukrainian people are pretty decent. It’s their government that is corrupt. They have a good work ethic and enjoy living in a modern society. The vast majority of Ukraine is in poverty, but that has more to do with how it is run. Imagine being run by the most corrupt democrat administration that ever existed. That’s Ukraine.

I read and speak the language. We could do a lot worse. Ukrainians tend to insulate themselves as they are still the kind of people who had to endure under Stalin and trusting is something they have a profound problem even amongst their own. Yet, on any given day, they are pretty good people and we could do a lot worse.

That being said, if we could trade them, all our feminized soy boys and liberal morons, I could live with that.


I think you’ve described almost every nation on Earth. :smile:


Prefer the Ukranians will assimilate into our society. Unlike the protected Middle East group.

My Middle-Eastern brother-in-law has a really hard time assimilating into American culture, because he’s very highly educated and he works his ass off.

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Never said they were bad ppl generally only that they won’t assimilate into another society other than their own. Working one’s ass off doesn’t guarantee later behavior. More money only allows for greater misbehavior. Look at the leaders of their violent groups. Everyone of them is millionaire but chose a lifestyle that makes them live in caves.

How much do you know of their religion?