We back the badge---fundraiser

If you feel that our Law Enforcement Officers are under attack and you would like to help defend them, I have a great way to do it. There is a 501 ©3 non-profit organization , called WE BACK THE BADGE. www.webackthebadge.com. They provide yard signs, bumper stickers and lapel pins at wholesale cost, so they can be sold at a retail rate for a fundraiser. For example, yard signs cost $5 and can be sold for $10.00. The Shawano Area Republican Women ordered 100 signs and have sold 70 in 3 weeks, The money raised will be going to our city and county K-9 departments. So if you belong to an organization , own a store, or have a flea market booth consider this to show your support of LEO’s. They also sell WE VALUE OUR VETS signs.


Back The Badge-Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, August 29,2020. at 12;00 to 5;00 PM for all Shawano Co.
LEOs. All residents may attend. :+1:


Just an up-date on our We Back the Back yard sign sale. Our community showed its support by buying 125 signs, 50 bumper stickers and 25 hat pins. These sales raised $844 which will be donated to the Shawano Police Dept and Shawano Sheriff Dept K-9 programs. Many individuals thought that this show of support for the police was even more important due to the riots in Kenosha. One of our most interesting comments was a man who bought a sign, and then told me how his brother lives in Kenosha. His brother had told him, the day after the riot people were at Cabela’s and lined up from the gun check out corner out the door. They were buying any gun and ammunition they could get their hands on. This shows we need to defend not defund our police. The State, Governors and Mayors need to call in the National Guard immediately when their is any police shooting involving a black person. We can’t afford to have anymore businesses destroyed while they sit on their hands. I encourage other communities to show their support of their police.

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If you or your organization want to honor vets or law enforcement , consider selling yard signs or bumper sticker from WE BACK THE BADGE.COM which is a non-profit group. The Shawano Area Republican Women sold yard sigs, bumper stickers and pins and raised $844.00. That money was donated equally to the Shawano City and County K9 programs. Defend not Defund.