Watch "Joy Reid claims GOP is 'jealous' because Dems are 'cultured', Tucker reacts" on YouTube

You jealous beggars. Take what we give you from our $15.00 a pint ice cream :ice_cream: freezers and our cheese platters and be happy. Then if you get superwoke we.might let you have some culture.

I’m sorry Ms. “I don’t know who the heck you are”. I have culture, mine is a little more old fashioned.

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I’ve never understood why conservatives are always talking about Joy Reid, or the gals from “The View.” I understand that they’re easy targets, but they’re not newsworthy. I get a little irritated when I pause to try to get updated on “news” and all I get are talking heads from one side making fun of talking heads from the other side.


I really miss Walter Kronkite and Paul Harvey.


I miss real news. I miss when journalist did their job and reported the facts. Which allowed us to make up our own opinions instead of shoving their opinions down our throat.

That’s all the media is doing today is shoving there opinions down the people’s throat so they follow along with their “culture”.


I never mention them, I don’t know much about them, as I do not watch commercial TV, and certainly would never watch “The View”. I never even heard of the former, until this segment.

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I know! I really miss just being able to watch or read the news and find out what was going on. I was just talking with a friend about this. Remember when (I think) 60 Mins used to do investigative reporting? I used to love watching that.

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I’d never heard of her. She’s a kick. Delusional…

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My sentiment exactly. I think the very point is to outrage the viewers, cause more division and anger on both sides. I won’t go with that, bye Tucker, off to some nature show, click.

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And sell ads.

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