WATCH Dr. Drew warn about 'permanent' heart damage from COVID shots

Dr. Drew

A new video has surfaced revealing Dr. Drew, the popular media personality and medical commentator who runs his own show, being interviewed on the Megyn Kelly Show on SiriusXm.

And he’s warning of the “emergency” myocarditis danger to young men from the COVID-19 shots, actually genetic treatments that were described by government officials as “vaccines.”

“It’s more common than we thought,” he said. Sarcastically, he states: “It’s mild … it’s mild … it’s no big deal.”

However, it is, he said.

“Look, in my world, throughout my entire career, 40-year career, myocarditis is a medical emergency,” he charged. “It’s a dire problem.”

And then he reveals what’s troubling.

“A publication just came out five days in circulation,” he said. “A major cardiology journal, … excellent study and it showed, it took my breath away. I don’t know why it wasn’t headline news. Large study and it showed that about approximately half of the young males that got myocarditis had permanent heart damage.”


He said, “That means that a we don’t what percentage are going to be disabled by this [or] are going to develop heart failure. Or [are] going to need cardiac transplants.”

He called the study, which he did not identify, “breathtaking.”

He warned that to a 27-year-old the illness is “nothing.”

“The vaccine is all risk. Why the push?” he wondered.

“I think universities are going to be in big trouble for having mandated young people get that vaccine. People are going to get sick, long-term consequences. And they should sue those schools that forced them to take that,” he said.

He’s hosted the hit MTV reality television series, “Teen Mom OG,” as well as all of the “Teen Mom 2” reunion specials.

WND reported earlier hundreds of young people have died after getting the experimental COVID shots, and a report revealed research at Harvard Med suggests an eyebrow-raising reason.

It could be that the spike antigen in the shot itself could be a trigger for myocarditis, which can be fatal.

A report at the time from Just the News explained that, “Fact-checkers and Big Tech lost another round with purported COVID-19 misinformation this week, when an American Heart Association journal published research suggesting the spike protein used in mRNA vaccines can harm some people.”

The report explained it was a peer-reviewed study in Circulation that looked at the cases of 16 adolescents and young adults hospitalized in Massachusetts with the heart ailment after getting vaxxed.

“All had ‘markedly elevated levels of full-length spike protein’ in their blood,’ unbounded by antibodies,” the study found.

Explained Just the News, “The findings call into doubt the default response of tech platforms and media organizations when dissenting scientists question the safety of the spike protein.”

Swedish researchers had raised questions about the toxicity of the shots.

Just the News explained, “The Circulation study has been shared by COVID vaccine skeptics, including British cardiologist Aseem Malhotra, who told Just the News last fall he first faced social media censorship after turning on mRNA products. Malhotra now calls them ‘one of the worst pharmaceutical interventions in the history of medicine.’”

That paper said whether the spike protein in the mRNA products forced on people was “pathogenic” isn’t clear, but its links to myocarditis are “notable.”


There is no “could be” there, it is. Studies on animals prior to the “vaccine” where they were given only the spike protein showed that it caused vascular disease, including damage to the heart. Several years ago, when this whole thing started, I posted a lot of info in at least several threads with links to studies published on the CDC and NIH sites, health journals, etc.

The dangers were and are real and known, but money speaks louder to those being paid by the pharma companies to push the narrative. Those accepting these cash infusions are corrupt and therefore have no morals, money and power mean far more to them.


They should come up with a antidote to the vaccine. :roll_eyes:


I’ve always remembered being taught as a kid: they can’t make vaccines for a virus. Is that even being taught anymore? Don’t be the ginny pig.

PS. Can you imagine the outrage if the shots were tested on animals? But no, let’s use our children and see how it works!


My question is, WHEN are we going to hold those responsible, accountable for all the death and damage that they have done? Or was this the plan all along??


Well isn’t it interesting that Pfizer’s got us all covered.

“Big Pharma giant Pfizer is set to rake in billions in profits on new cardiovascular drugs to treat the ‘sudden’ spike in heart problems around the globe.”


Nuremberg 2.0




who knows??? not sure anything will be done about this…

perhaps there is just too much money involved?


Now isn’t that ironic? Spike? :rofl:

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Australia is not kind to those who think independently. Dr. Gary Fettke is one of those who paid the price.

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ill share our disaster with the vax[clot shot]
my wife and I did not get the shots
a young man at the local grocery got his shots, came down sick and still came to work in the produce room sorting good and bad strawberries
the bad ones were fed to our pig heard.
first thing that happened was our main breed sow 10 days from delivering
lost the baby piglets… it was like she went into reverse , absorbed the litter.
after that we went into the winter with 93 pigs and lost 64 from blood clots, seizures and stroke. most were feeders and weaners
our sow and oldest boar survived the boar is still under weight
and the sow recovered and had a good litter


Wow, that is awful, I can’t imagine experiencing that.

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bad part was having to wait for spring thaw to burry the pigs
had them berried in a snow pile till spring