Was there a break-in? What would you do?

You and your significant other are arriving home relaxed and sun-burned after a last-minute weekend getaway. You hit the garage door button as you pull into the driveway and the door goes up. As you pull into the garage, you notice the door between the garage and the house is wide open.

Your significant other was the last one out of the house and you saw the closed door as you pulled out of the garage leaving early Friday morning.

What do you do?


Back out, survey outside for strange vehicles, things out of place, etc. Depending on what I see I either call LE to come check or I leave wife and car out on street with her behind the wheel ready to leave while I do a clear on the house. If upon entry I see signs of intrusion I back out and call LE.


Being that we (wife and I) are not yet in a situation of imminent danger, I agree with the above and would retreat and call 911 (I live in an area with excellent, well funded law enforcement that my town appreciates and supports) and know they would be on scene very quickly. In the interim, I would pull back, have my concealed carry ready in case it’s needed (should the situation change), but wait for the Police to clear the house. There’s nothing in my domicile worth dying for if my family members are with me.


Back out, while driving away call popo .

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Wait police and let THEM do the clear. I’m with @Charles230 on this one. There is no current danger to us, why possibly walk into it when I don’t have to?


How sure am I the door didn’t open from a breeze or we aren’t misremembering? Our memories are not as perfect as we like to think. I live in a very low crime neighborhood and neighbors are very likely to notice strangers lurking around and call me and/or the Sheriff. LEOs are usually a 1/2 hour minimum away. Don’t want to take them away from real emergencies because we forgot to close a door properly.

I would have my wife pull back onto the street and lock the doors with the car running. Then I would look for signs from around the outside of the house that someone had entered. They would have to break in or pick a lock to get to that inner garage door. I would also carefully look in windows to see if anything looked disturbed. If anything else looked out of place I would call the Sheriff and wait in the car. If I see no other signs of a break in and have no bad intuitions then I would likely clear the house myself.


Back out, and partially down the street, while calling 911. I want to maintain a line of sight to the house, so, if a burglar runs out, I can give a description and direction of travel to the authorities. I’m not in imminent danger, but, if they have a weapon, the authorities need to know a criminal is on the loose, what they look like, and which way they might be going. In this exact scenario, there is know immediate danger to my family, so it’s best to let the police handle it.


Text my neighbor/buddy who’s cl.3 FFL and have him bring his uzi, mac10 and AR with the drum…Spray the house down and replace his ammo from my supply. Any bodies go in the lake behind the house…
For those thinking this is crazy…we will don eyes and ears beforehand. :rofl:


Not sure my insurance agent would be on board with that response. Aside from the using proper PPE part:)


Suppressors? :thinking:
The lake is easy…but there is a marsh (swamp to those south of the Mason-Dixon) as well, much more effective at hiding…uh…things.
As far as the holes…carpenter bees. That’s my story, I’m stickin’ tuit.

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First clue: My dog would’ve been barking nonstop if there was a break-in.


First, I would be calling 911. Then, if I were convinced there was someone in my house, I would move to a safe position, I live in a condo so I would actually be standing in the hallway looking at my open door so retreat could be difficult and dangerous. I’d send R to the escape stairs and tell her to go get the security guard. Then I suppose I’d duck into the elevator entry and wait it out.

The door leading into my house from the garage is ALWAYS closed since we do not want ANOTHER SNAKE coming into the house, so I would call the Sheriff and have them come out and clear the house. They have to justify the MRAP somehow.

The alarm is turned on every time the house is empty. Everyone, including the kids, know to turn on the alarm every time we do not have eyes on. Does not matter if we are just going for a walk around the block. We also have cameras outside and inside.

We would have known if that door was left open because we would not have been able to turn on the alarm without an error. If that door was opened after we left, then we would have been notified and so would the police if we did not acknowledge a false alarm. If the alarm malfunctions for any reason, movement around front and rear entry points and inside the house would have been picked up by cameras and that would also have sent a notification that movement was detected.

Even if the power was cut, the alarm would have notified us of a power failure. The cameras would still be functioning for a little while since the wifi modem is hooked up to a UPS and the cameras are battery powered.

What is firtst thing?

What does a responsible American have tht right to have defending one self

Rest assured we have witness’s and probably video security.

Even if DA does procscute, get ready you about to have a fire ass legal team And you may chose own lawyer you may trust or be fimilaf with. Also how might Mr.Rogers prefer receiving funds from US Casualty & Fire Insurance. OFFICAL mailing address is in state of Missouri

100% back out and monitor the open door until the sheriff arrives to clear the house.

Leave The garage door open, immediately exit the driveway to a safe location away from the house where I and/or my wife can call 911.

Back out, park within eyesight of the driveway (with escape routes planned) while calling 911.
It is just stuff. Not worth dying for or taking a life.