Warning from the President of the Iowa Firearms Coalition

The Iowa Firearms Coalition is a completely volunteer Gun Rights Advocacy group located in Des Moines, IA and in the homes of its many volunteers. No salaries are paid, funding is obtained through the sale of memberships and free will donations at Gun Shows across the state, it is the only NRA affiliated Gun Rights organization in Iowa and is the most effective Gun Rights and lobbying organization in the state.

I was its Vice-President of Communications and Public Relations for a few years, during which time we successfully changed Iowa from a patchwork of disparate gun laws and CCW issuing qualifications within the discretion of our 99 county Sheriffs (May Issue) to a statewide uniform “Shall Issue” standard. That included strengthened a Preemption Law making it illegal for local jurisdictions to make weapons laws, rules, ordinances or regulations that were more restrictive than state law.

Last November, Iowa’s voting public removed Iowa from the list of six states that never had a 2nd Amendment-type protection for its citizens, securing their Right to Keep and Bear Arms. By a 65%+ majority, Iowa adopted Amendment 1A to its state Constitution, thanks largely to the lobbying and public information campaigns conducted by the Iowa Firearms Coalition.

The following letter from IFC President is all true - confirmed by USBP sources - and needs to be circulated far and wide. We ARE the front lines, my friends!