War and Peace

My initial reaction when Russia went to war with Ukraine was disgust and hatred for the “Evil Empire”. I kept those feelings for the entire first year of conflict. Now, I’m not so sure. Joe (yeah that Joe) is genuinely engrossed in this war. He’s sending billions of dollars to a country whose name I can barely pronounce. He forsakes his own country and fosters hatred for Russia in the name of Democracy. And he stifles the actions of all who would disagree. I don’t like it. Neither him nor his war. I want to hear from Putin. If you thought the Trump interview broke the internet, an interview with Putin will put a nail in the coffin.


It would be interesting to hear what he has to say, at least he has… uh, right, just looked at my cue card, “read other side.” Uh, oh, anyway, uh… well… uh, you know the thing.


This is not Brandons war. This is his bank and lethal pharmacy, that he’s protecting!
Do I think that Putin would take more than Ukraine, yes! However under Trump, he would NEVER have made the move! When Trump decided to “investigate”, Brandon lost it. Trump was on to him! Follow the money! It’s the solution to every crime except rape!

Putin is not stupid, he saw an opportunity and he took it! He’s old school!


I’m just not so sure about that. Trump was a big Putin fan when President and mentioned that he considered Crimea to be part of Russia. So who is more likely to stand against Putin’s invasion? The Putin fan who recognized his territorial gains or the guy whose family is making millions of dollars from corrupt deals with Ukrainian leaders and corporations that all go away if Russia wins?

In the case of the current conflict in Ukraine I don’t see any clear good guys or bad guys. Just a bunch of corrupt people who’s personal agendas have lead to a lot of death and destruction.

The way I look at that, is keep your friends close and your enemies closer!

We don’t know what was going on behind closed doors!

With Brandon, we saw, for months, the invasion unfolding in front of our eyes. The same is happening at our borders!

When no action is taken someone is bound to walk all over you!
Putin would never show fear of Trump, but he sure did show strength with Brandon!

At the time, we witnessed two strong leaders in power, power being the operative word. With Brandon, we only witnessed one leader! If I was Putin, I would have done the same!


Technically, he is printing the money that gets sent to the Ukraine. Printing money devalues our currency, which comes back to us in the form of inflation, essentially a “tax” on all goods and services that no elected official debated or voted up or down on.

My prediction is that the war in the Ukraine will persist for a decade or so, with no clear winner and we will be burdened by ever increasing inflation fostered by more and more printed money being sent to the Ukraine. The only ones who will benefit from this are arms manufacturers who make the tanks, drones, ammo, etc that gets paid for with printed dollars and sent to the Ukraine to be destroyed.

Ukraine will become a totalitarian state locked in a conflict with another totalitarian state, Russia, and we will get to pay for the show.


When do we get to apply for reparations :question:


You have to live in California or Illinois for that


this Ukraine nonsense is all about NATO & our leadership saying ooh yeah you can join. no problem