Want ssome fun?

Restrictions caused by time, money, ammo and other stuff take a lot of joy out of shooting.
I know as a CCW holder I need to train, and I can probably never train enough, so all my range time
and ammo are spent to that end.
Competitive shooters I know have the same mindset. Winning is fun.
But it’s not everything.
Folks who constantly attend courses are in a similar situation. getting to meet legends and learn from them is fun,
and may even keep you alive (which is certainly admirable,) but even that misses an elusive quality of shooting that harkens back to one’s youth and learning to first shoot, when shooting with your dad or maybe uncle truly was fun.
That’s why, a few times a year I’ll seek out a peaceful corner of BLM land or maybe with permission, a friend’s farm and take one gun and a box of shells. A target can be a can, a bulls-eye, or for a real challenge Necco Wafers now that they are back in production.
No camo, nothing tactical, no mag dumping, nothing Hogan’s Alley-esque, and certainly no drills, just 30 paces into a steep embankment.

I really enjoy doing that.
I wonder if anyone else does the same?


I need a friend who owns a farm.


I shoot in our back yard with Nancy and two of her grown children.
We usually shoot BB rifles and Nancy recently bought a BB pistol, so we shoot cans off a stump, and I found some ballon holders to stick in the ground for this year.
Otherwise, I shoot crossbow and throw knives and tomahawks in the back yard.
Fun is had by all. :grin:


Sadly, my friend just sold his farm.


Absolutely sir! I think it is quite important to keep shooting fun. It doesn’t need to be a constant barage of training. If shooting becomes a chore, people start doing less of it sometimes.

Get training, practice, set high standards, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself


i’m a Competitive shooter and i hunt and compete all over the usa. i still love to sit in the back yard with my kids and their kids. all the kids have learned to shoot with the very first 22lr my mom and dad got me, lots of good time had by all in the back yard and many more to come. its what my family has done on our land for 150 years. 1,280 acres so lots of room and nobody near to us.