Wannabe Bounty Hunters Donning Tactical Vests and Token Badges to Deceive and Then Rob People on Highway Shoulders

Authorities in Tennessee are searching for two men believed to be posing as stranded bounty hunters and robbing people on the side of the road.

The Tipton County Sheriff’s Office recently issued a “Be on the Lookout” (BOLO) for a man who attempted to rob a good Samaritan who stopped to help him, WMC reported.

According to Sheriff Shannon Beasley, on June 5, a suspect wearing dark clothing and driving a dark-colored vehicle flagged down the victim and claimed to be a bounty hunter in need of help.

The suspect then shot the victim, who was able to drive to a hospital for help, the sheriff said.

A second similar incident occurred in Shelby County a day earlier, according to authorities.

In that case, two suspects robbed a victim at gunpoint and got away with a wallet and cell phone, the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office said.

According to officials, one suspect wore a tactical vest with a gold badge.

The two suspects were also driving a dark-colored vehicle, possibly a Chevrolet Malibu with a damaged windshield and tinted windows.


Kido and I stopped to help a couple of unseemly looking characters in the back country a few years back. Kido did the talking, I stood back with my hand on my gun. We pulled them out of the ditch and gave them some gas. When we got back to the highway a Forest Ranger stopped us, said the bastards told him we pointed guns at them. We explained we helped them and that I did in fact take a defensive position but never cleared leather. Kiddo showed them a couple of cell phone pictures taken before we pulled them out and all was good. I guess the moral of the story is, be very cautious or let the authorities do the rescue.


In todays world, the only way that I would help anyone would be to call for help from a safe distance. It is a shame, years ago I would always stop to help a stranded motorist, or pick up a hitch hiker. Sorry not today.


This is what happens when false allegations and false claims are never punished. It degenerates to the point that helping people becomes a potentially life altering mistake. What the practice has done to our information sources, “news”, is that now virtually any “news report” has to be taken as more likely false than it is likely to be true or accurate, because there is absolutely no penalty for even the most egregious of misrepresentations.

I met a pilot who carried a body cam with him everywhere he went, specifically for such times as when he might be called upon to help someone. Donning the body cam, he felt, was the only way to discourage false claims to be made later, as well as to free both hands for helping tasks while maintaining a video log of the event.

It says a lot about our times.



Call for help? Are you kidding me? First I need to know who you voted for, then I’ll determine whether I’m seeing a peaceful protest or if you’re worthy of saving! Choose your answer wisely!


Yes, observe and report.


I gave a young lady in distress (3) days ago a Jump @ the 'dog park from my truck.(she didn’t have a dog…) I had about (20) picnic’ers within earshot so she couldn’t later claim I raped her. When I was attaching the jumper cables the cable disconnected from the clamp. She said ‘‘Oh my"… I told her I am going to my truck to get some tools and I can fix it for you.I came back and did the fix, plus I fixed the other cable as it was as rotted as the first. I didn’t suggest/tell her anything. I did my good Samaritan and got the hell out of there. As I was doing the fix she took a picture of me and my back plate. Needless to say my ‘Spider senses were SCREAMING!’. I completed the job and put away my tools and walked over to (to me) a guy who looked ex-Military. Buzz cut/worked out a bit etc. I told him what just happened and what she just did and he replied ‘I saw all that’ You’re cool’ He also said ‘I wouldn’t have helped her’. ‘She just seems wrong’. In hind-site I felt I was good to go because of the witnesses. I put on my old Mechanic gloves (no prints) so obviously my sub-conscious was telling me something but I was in "Helper’ mode. Stoopid me. I asked the guy for some of his information ‘Just in case’ and he gave me his business card. He’s a mechanic and as Karma would have it I was looking for a new shop. We talked for a bit more and as I was leaving he came over to the woman and said" Don’t try anything stupid with this guy who just helped you, Please give me your phone". She reluctantly did and he searched and deleted the (2) pictures. He handed it back and she took off. I was grateful and will be giving him my business from now on.
Moral of the story is twofold. Listen to your Angels (as I usually do 97% of the time) make it 100% always(as I have pontificated multiple times) here. To my credit I did look around and she appeared to be solo. Those picnic people were in a group and nobody lifted a finger to help her. THAT should have raised the murmur to a roar! My nature is to help people, I can’t help it. She wasn’t flashing me thigh or boobies or hitting on me so I felt safe to help. I was Armed but CONCEALED (Thank God) because ‘you never know’.
theseis one guy or guys in the Post above I would’ve given a HARD PASS. I know this in my heart. Sorry fella’s, I LOVE my life. I am NOT going to be a ‘chalk line’ or a missing persons report. IF they wore ‘Tac gear’ I couldn’t hit the gas pedal fast enough. If a situation where someone is shooting @ someone else and it doesn’t directly involve me I will beat feet. Someone shooting @ me I will end them. The boundaries have moved today and what was once a given is now a definite NO. I learned another lesson that day. Angels send Angels as witnesses when we do something stupid. My new mechanic is an Angel. When he deleted those pictures I almost hit myself in the head for NOT thinking it! Situational Awareness was put ‘on pause’ that morning. Un-Pause it forever. If I was alone and she needed help I probably would not have helped her. It is just too weird out there now.

Have a care folks.


Thats my point, I grew up believing that you should help a person in need. I feel like I should, but not in todays world. Like I said, I’ll call for help from a distance. Glad things didn’t go south for you.


Thanks brother…ME TOO!


Cups hands around mouth from half mile away, yells: You okay over there?
Hears no replay, yells again: I knew you could handle it!


Amed robbery, attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon for a cell phone and a wallet with credit cards? Talk about losers! Better yet, split the “proceeds” of that list of felonies between two such losers. If I hadn’t spent 25 years watching a long line of such losers, I wouldn’t believe it. Even worse in my view is someone committing first degree murder for a six pack of beer.


As I’ve indicated earlier, flashing boobies, thighs, old, young, hair on fire.
I don’t help anyone anymore, ever! Those days are long gone.
Someone out there needs help, they can contact anyone from the Brandon administration. They seem willing!
I just happen to have their number. It’s 867-5309, sorry Jenny!

Today I’m only interested in family! That’s all that matters now!

Glad you didn’t turn into a statistic!


Me too , Won’t happen again. Believe me.
Tommy Tutone rocked back in the day '81 say’s Wiki !
that was a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggggg time ago brother!


If I remember correctly, it turned out to be a phone at a elementary school in new england somie place. The school had to change their number.


What use could a stolen cell phone be put that would not reveal the location of the holder/thief (assuming you could get past the lock screen)? Mental giants to be sure.


They can always call the 900#s to rack up a huge phone bill. You can’t get out of it since the calls were made on your phone.

Edit: them 80+ years old women need loving too.


Also a good reminder that most people should have at least one dash camera, IMO. My truck has 3, two front and one rear.

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