Wanna watch 2000 mules?

seems it’s available free here right now… for how long??? no idea…


OOPS sorry not what I thought it was should have watched more of it…

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2000 Mules can be watched here:


If you buy the DVD ($25 + FedEx shippiog) you can loan it to friends to watch any time. Mine will arrive in a day or so.


Same here, ordered it Saturday, can’t wait to convene my own “Ministry of Truth”


thanks for the save!


My Mrs. Says it’s not a good idea for me to see it. Says I get worked into a lather with the news. Says I’ll end up with a stroke or heart attack yelling at the TV.

Ps did order it though. Will have to wait til she goes to bed and sneak down to the hobby room for a private viewing.


2000 mules is a documentary describing what we all already know. It reaffirms that our elections are and have been insecure for a long time due to computer algorithms in the voting machines and recently added and less affective mass ballot harvesting as a back up plan. My problem is that now that everyone can see and watch this, if nothing is changed or acknowledged, aren’t we just maximizing doubt in our voting system? Is that the ultimate goal?

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I hear ya… perhaps this is where we start?

then start raising HH with our politicians and the main stream media???

did I see something where the MSM is lookin for gov hand outs to “save” the msm?

thought I saw that somewhere? was going through some stuff and???

we got anyone that knows how to find info on bills put out by politicians?

At the national level you can find details and status on any bill or act at Congress.gov. You may have to try several search words or terms to find the bill you are looking for.
Searching that site for the single word news I found
H.R.6068 - Saving Local News Act
H.R.3169 - Future of Local News Act
S.1601 - Future of Local News Act of 2021

as well as
S.Res.596 — 117th Congress (2021-2022)
A resolution designating April 2022 as “Preserving and Protecting Local News Month” and recognizing the importance and significance of local news.

Likely one or more of those bills and resolution is what you heard about.

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thanks for the info and your efforts to locate it…


That’s the reason I keep a spare TV and the nitroglycerin sits next to the remote! The movie shouldn’t be a surprise, just a rerun. However, if we don’t want to see it again in technicolor on the History channel we better change course!
I hope there’s a good blooper reel of MSM trying to cover their collective a$$e$!


Nancy and I watched it here. Thanks @Jerzy. But where can you buy the DVD? :slightly_smiling_face:

Amazon… but as I know we don’t do purchases on Amazon… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

But seriously, go to Documentary’s Official Website:

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Thank you sir. :slightly_smiling_face:

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As always… happy to help ! :v:

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