Walther or Glock

Another resurrected thread;) I wonder what @Chadwick1 chose?

I have no experience with Walther though the new ones sound like great guns. The advantage to Glock is much cheaper reliable magazines and more available holsters, sights and other parts.

Hopefully he was smart enough, collected all checks given by Government recently and bought all 3 models of PDP :wink:


Thanks for the comment. Here is a little background on my previous post. We chose the CCP for my wife, who has a weak racking hand due to surgery. The recoil was just fine and very comfortable. The trigger was so bad it was almost unsafe and any level of reasonable accuracy was unobtainable due to the inconsistencies in the trigger pull. I spent time on a number of Walther forums and tried the numerous fixes suggested but nothing fixed the problem and Walther would not acknowledge that there was a problem. That left a real sour taste in my mouth about anything with the Walther name attached, from customer service to hardware. The piston system in the CCP did do a nice job of taming the recoil. The PPK or PPQ might be fine firearms but they would have been too snappy for her. The CCP was the third pistol I bought to try for her, but I wouldn’t let her shoot it. I know the bad trigger would have negatively affected a lot of the trigger control training she has had. Ultimately, she ended up with a S&W Shield EZ9. She can handle the racking, the recoil is mild, and the trigger is reasonably good. Now she shoots a lot better than I do. In our case it wasn’t the third try, but the fourth try that was the charm.

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Yeah, I figured it out there was a reason you went with CCP. This pistol has a great “no recoil” for sure, but of course nothing is perfect.
When I was reading your previous post I thought about M&P9 EZ… and here we go. Great choice, hopefully you don’t experience any issues with EZ - there is a lot of complaints about this model (mostly mag issue and failures to feed)

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Thanks for the heads up on the magazine and failure to feed issues. We haven’t experienced them yet but will watch carefully. I noted in another thread that you admitted you are from Illannoy. Me too, but I am starting to get organized and packed up to leave in the next year or so. There was a recent recall, but Wifey’s was made later than the series of recalled EZ9s.

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Yeap… I’m 60 klicks west from Chicago :slightly_smiling_face:

If you haven’t experienced problems with mag yet, you should be good.
There was problem reported with magazine followers. However it was never an official claim or recall.
Shooters are smart and take care of it by themselves. :slightly_smiling_face:

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