Walther CCP / M2

I’ve had a Walther CCP for several years now, it’s an easy to handle gun and I like shooting it, but I HATE fieldstriping it for cleaning. It’s a big pain in the *** to get the slide off.
I just got the Walther CCP M2, I’ve not cleaned it yet but it’s supposed to be easy to take apart. I’m certainly hoping so.
Anyone have any opinions on the M2 model?

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CCP M2 is much easier to field strip than previous model. Doesn’t require three hands and magic tool anymore… however the process is still tricky and I suggest to watch YT video before you start being upset about the pistol. :wink:

Instead of the external tool, there is a take down button below cocking indicator.
What you need to do is press the trigger then move the take down button to the right and the striker assembly will be released unlocking the slide. The rest of the procedure is the same as for the original CCP.

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I rrally don’t have any issues disassembling my CCP. It just takes a few time to understand how different it is. I can now use the tool provided to remove the slide easily & reassemble it easily as well