Walking into 2021

You said antifa entered the capital building. Trump set them on a path from his pre-insurrection rally. Or was that George Soros in a mission impossible face disguise?

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Proof of claim?

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No sense arguing with all you people in your echo chamber that have been radicalized by Magal quaeda.

Keep shifting blame ignoring all of the evidence. The person who had the flexi cuffs has a litany of social media posts supporting Magal quaeda.

Yes, you do that quite well. Now, where’s your proof for your claims?

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Yep, all the video showing the terrorists beating cops with flags and everything else, smashing windows, carrying flexicuffs are all faked. The terrorists were all standing behind the gates singing kum ba yah.

Since you have little grasp on reality, i have to tell you that was all sarcasm.

Not seen those videos. Again, no proof of your claims.

So, twitter is your source? LOL That is about as good as saying the drunk on the corner told you.


I find it interesting that Trump has been impeached (again) for these words, “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”
Now I understand why they are calling him an insurrectionist! Imagine if he had “mostly peacefully!” It probably would have been an all out war!


Thank you for this post. As an attorney, you must be chagrined to see all of those members of the House who are also attorneys that cannot honestly see the words the President wrote. They are not keeping their vows, both as attorneys and as members of Congress. The words are plain, specific and abundantly clear. No cause to be brought for impeachment.


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I’m only worried for my young daughter, but I know she is in pretty good hands and we have great plan B and plan C for her. Otherwise, my wife and I were born for this crap and have spent our entire lives preparing for it. That puts us in pretty rare company. We come from lines of folks who have been through worse and survived. My dad was on the first wave of landing craft on Omaha Beach on D-Day and came home without a Purple Heart…just for starters. My wife descends from Vikings and anti-Soviet dissidents. Her grandmother died in one of Stalin’s gulags after being incarcerated for half a century. Worrying is a waste of resources.


How did the gun control work when they burned Chicago who has the most shootings? You can see how good the gun control works with Chicago as a sample.


The tweet is a message for you.

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How so? I do not use Twitter, and apparently using a VPN makes Twitter block one’s ability to view their content as I am unable to view it; not that I care.


These people just make me sooooo sick.It’s OKAY to RIP A BABY from a womb but guns are the REAL problem.In the sixth chapter of Proverbs says that GOD detests the shedding of innocent blood.That’s America’s real problem.We have forgotten GOD in everything.


Yes sir. Roger that.

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How do you take orders from your glorious leader?