Waiting Time For Mass. LTC Processing

I completed my required LTC Training course and made an appointment to file the application with my local PD. They scheduled my appointment four weeks out from the date I called!!! ( I live in a mid-size town on Cape Cod )

After getting fingerprinted the physical application process was complete. I asked about the estimated turn-around time and was advised it could take up to 4 months!!! WOW!! 4 Months??

I don’t have any law enforcement record and have only lived in two states my entire life.

The MA State website says it may take up to 60 days and “Currently approving and printing licenses that were submitted for review by police departments between March 15 and March 28”

Anybody else in MA recently applied and how long did it take you!!

Hope the “4 month wait” estimate is wrong!!

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Took me 3 weeks, some years back, small red town in CT…but here’s info. related to you. 222 pages :rofl:


In my opinion we have virtually reminded the 2A because we continually allow government on federal, state and local government to severely infringe on our God given rights. Imagine a Buddhist monk leading a Christian worship service or a Catholic priest allowing non-Ordained priest to preside over the mass or absolving sins in confession (which beaks apostolic succession making it invalid and illicit, a serious issue). Shame on the government and shame on us for not replacing that government.

We all up the creek without a paddle. Now the only way to get our inalienable right back is by force. Concealed carry laws are merely the result of government stealing our rights and selling them back to us at a steep price. The real price is loss of freedom which is unconstitutional.


I’m just waiting for the law that holds Instructors liable if one of their students goes on a shooting spree.
They’re crazy enough to try and pass one.

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That would be like suing the makers of Budweiser for the drunk driver?
Or suing Ford for building the car the drunk drove?
Or suing Remington for a deranged individual using a gun?

oh wait Connecticut said they can sue Remington.

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just had a couple back n’ forths w/ blumenthal…he’s more vehement than ever, so I suggested he put his “common sense gun control” laws in ALL CAPS, as criminals just seem to ignore them, yet the law abiding are hurt by them.
As far as Remington…here’s the background allowing them to be sued. As Paul Harrell on Youtube says “you be the judge.” Personally, I blame the town, especially the school system, who found this kids writings so violent that by second grade they couldn’t be shared with his classmates…yet they never.did.anything.

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