W.O.F.T. Personal-Defense Training Facility

I saw where USCCA is advertising the W.O.F.T training courses. Previously I had won a USCCA contest where my daughter and I spent the day there for training and I can vouch that this is an excellent training opportunity. Just in one day my daughter (45 years old) was taught self defense tactics with not having to carry a firearm. This proved very useful when two weeks later we were in New Orleans French Quarter at night and she felt safer, was more aware of surroundings, and carried her W.O.F.T. flashlight she was taught how to use effectively. This is real on situational training where you participate. Just my personal opinion but if you get the chance, definitely go.


Thanks for the feedback

Sooo… what does W.O.F.T. mean?

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Reading all positive reviews about them… it definitely doesn’t mean what most people think: “Waste Of F*$^*&@g Time” :wink:


West Orlando Firearms Training - over by Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and the gang…


Thanks for the review. Will have to check it out. Only a couple hours drive from me.