Visiting Yosemite National Park during the Covid 19 pandemic

Well, the new rules for Yosemite National Park during the Covid 19 pandemic have been leaked to the press: … 73106.html

We haven’t camped in Yosemite Valley, in the summer, in nearly five decades but I find the closure of the housekeeping camp saddens me.
This will be the first time, as near as I can tell, there hasn’t been a housekeeping camp (Camp 16) since it’s inception. Even during WW2 there was a housekeeping camp for those who could get coupons for the fuel for the trip—I’ve heard plenty of those stories around the campfire!
My grandfather started our family tradition at Camp 16 in 1926 and it wasn’t until the crowds spoiled things in about 1970 that it ended.I continued the tradition over Columbus Day weekend—the traditional last weekend houskeeping camp was open—for my own children until a hanta virus put the kabosh on things. My kids still talk about it and my son grew up to be a Yosemite big wall climber.
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I hiked into Yosemite from the Marine Corps base out of Bridgeport, CA. Three days of humping with a backpack, but the views are priceless. Good fishing in the lakes too.

Yosemite is beautiful! Unfortunately I was too young and brash to really appreciate it. I went there with a bunch of summer school students on one of our weekend outtings back in the early 90’s. We stayed at a camp that had a restaurant, pool, and gear store, with accomadations of tents, tent-cabins, and cabins going into the mountains. One night we had an interesting run in with a black bear while walking around the tent-cabin areas. The next day we went up to the lower water fall.

In the pictures of the waterfall, it looks so pristine. When I was there you could see a line of people going all the way up the mountain heading up… I have a pic somewhere but I don’t want to search for it right now.