Virus Protection: ViruShield Ghost Shield Review | USCCA

If you had told me New Year’s Day 2020 that my first gear review of 2021 would be a respiratory mask, I would have thought you were participating in extended imbibing. But it’s important for concealed carriers to be aware of this protection product — for both comfort and tactical advantage.

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by the end of 2021…we’ll all be looking like this:


I only wear a mask when sanding or shredding the fields. Masks do great to keep dust out.


Does it also come in dark blue or dark red? :sunglasses:


Does it come in “lefty”?:grinning:

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Your statement that the breath is directed down “further protects those around you from the virus” or words to that effect, how does it do so? I presume that if you are out and about you aren’t infected, so you are ready not infecting them. If you are infected, why are you out and about?

That aside, if you come in contact with someone who is infected, how does the “open shield” stop the virus? Does it magically know not to follow you inhalation up under the mask?

Don’t get me wrong MOST of the mask do more harm than good, and this one does less harm, but it still decrease O2 intake increases CO2 intake to a degree, and stops nothing, just like most mask out there.

Dr. Donald Bell

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