Virginia Governor

Does Governor Northam from Virginia own any firearms??
If so, wouldn’t this be the epitome for the use of that unconstitutional Red Flag law?
I think the man has mental issues and I surely don’t feel safe. . I think he’s on the verge and may hurt someone!! Does he constitute a Red Flag???


While an interesting thought…

Yes, he proclaims himself to be a “Sportsman” and hunts birds. Ergo shotguns and his defense that he doesn’t want to take away hunting rights.

He is also DR. Northam, who happens to be a Pediatric Neuro Psychologist among other Pediatric and OB/GYN titles. That being said I have never met a “Shrink” of any flavor who wasn’t being medicated for one DSM-IV diagnosis or another. Having worked in Medicine for 30 years I have met a lot of “Shrinks” and I always manage to get that question asked and answered “For purely Academic reasons, of course.” A little HP for @Dawn . :stuck_out_tongue:




Which one?

If you scroll down a bit you can see a picture in his yearbook… Heck, even some democrats were telling him to resign.

well… I know some :wink: I’ll share your number and that’ll adjust the average.

I do think its pretty disingenuous to want to take everybody ELSEs guns away and legislate in your own personal exemptions or exemptions for their security staff. And that’s what folks in elected officials usually do. :angry:

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