[video] Yeager & Lovell "50 Reasons Why John Lovell Is WRONG"

This video between James Yeager (Tactical Response) and John Lovell (Warrior Poet Society) is entirely in good fun, shared on Yeager’s youtube channel. You will see that they both actually agree on probably 80-90% of the topics and what they do disagree on is pretty minor and acknowledged by differing context and personal preference.

As noted in other threads about trainers. Every trainer brings their own experience and perspectives to the table in how and what they teach. An instructor who focuses on civilian vs LEO vs MIL vs competition will all have different approaches to solving problems. What works well in one context may or may not work well in another context.

It’s important for us, as learners, to get exposure to as many different views as possible and figure out what works well in our specific context.

With that in mind, I hope you enjoy their video as much as I did.

Thanks for this. Great fun.

Although they are both wrong on the beards. Beards are ok, just trim them up!