Victim in YouTube Mall Prank Shooting

You must be shot dead before you can lawfully draw your weapon!
Liberal logic! It’s in the fine print of the “Gun Free Zone” sign!


ah! In Ohio one of the benefits over getting the CCW rather than falling back on the permitless carry, is if you have a license you can bring your care onto school property (parking lots, school let out areas) but it cannot leave the car. and if you go inside you must lock it in your car.

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Pretty much. He was guilty for not defending his life out in the back 40, inside his own home, in the basement, on a Tuesday.
The DA will say you had the right to defend yourself, just not everywhere.
Oh, your life is in immediate danger at this location? Nope, we’re gonna put up a GFZ sign so there is NO WAY your life could be in danger. :roll_eyes:


For those who claim there was never any danger - streaming beatings and even murder is a trend.


I haven’t seen anybody claim there was “never any danger”

I have seen some claim there was not an imminent threat of serious bodily harm/death that would justify using lethal force.

The distinction is important

I’m also noticing that gif and video is literally running up behind someone and punching them int he back of the head when the victim doesn’t even seem to know the attacker is there…which is a bit different than the scenario in the mall

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It’s a wonder that the kid wasn’t shot! Sucker punching a person and expecting them to be OKAY with it?! What an idgit. Black on white violence. Where’s the call for WLM?


How do we for sure know USCCA declined coverage? Maybe the public defender was all they had?

My limited understanding of legal proceedings has me thinking that public defenders are only provided to those who show they cannot afford counsel on their own. So I would suspect that if the USCCA was paying then a public defender would not be involved.

I actually have known a couple of public defenders in the past. Knowing how overwhelmed they are with cases and how little time they have to focus on any one case I would be hoping for much better representation than the typical public defender. Though it seems that this one is doing a pretty good job for their client given the circumstances.

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Forensic_Wow…I thought your comment was ridiculous so I jumped on USCCA’s Attorney network search to prove you wrong…and I was wrong. There are no network attorneys on the search tool within 50 miles of Loudoun County VA, which is one of the wealthiest counties in the US. So I searched my own area, A few years ago I had a dozen or so network attorney’s to choose from within 20 miles, and now I have to search out to 100 miles and I get only half a dozen.
Are attorneys leaving the network because of all the bad press about the USSCA not paying claims? USCCA’s competitors are hammering them on this front. Interesting… I am a member since 2016 and I am anxiously awaiting some kind of official statement.

We don’t know yet if they denied coverage, but we do now that he called the USCCA hotline, had it on his speed dial, and Colie’s public defender allegedly told a competitor of USCCA that he was a member.


For what it’s worth, six attorneys within 100 miles is not bad at all. Good criminal defense attorneys that meet the requirements to be USCCA network attorneys/let alone CRT attorneys, aren’t everybody…and your attorney being a little distance from you is not a big deal.

But also, I just did a search for within 20 miles of 20175 (Leesburg Zip, in Loudon County VA I believe)

Within 20 miles I am showing nine results.

By city I am seeing (some have multiple cities listed)

  1. Leesburg, Virginia
    Winchester, Virginia

  2. Leesburg, Virginia
    Reston, Virginia
    Alexandria, Virginia

  3. Ashburn, Virginia

  4. Great Falls, Virginia

  5. Vienna, Virginia
    Richmond, Virginia
    Hampton, Virginia
    Virginia Beach, Virginia
    Chesapeake, Virginia

  6. Tysons Corner, Virginia

  7. Fairfax, Virginia

  8. Tysons, Virginia

  9. Fairfax, Virginia

Found this interesting YT clip:

So what’s going on with the public defender?

Did the public defender just not choose USCCA or did USCCA drop coverage?

It may likely be that USCCA did not cover Alan Colie because they felt it was not justified as self-defense…or maybe he didn’t pay his bills?..nobody knows for sure. The fact of the matter is that he called USCCA after the shooting (as USCCA tells you) for assistance, but is now being represented by a public defender NOT USCCA.

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Call them. 800-674-9779. :slightly_smiling_face:

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BRUCE26…I did yesterday, and the two reps I talked to had no knowledge of this case, but were otherwise very helpful. They googled the info I gave them and even linked this thread so I could stay up to date until they got back to me, which has not happened yet.

Because it’s BS and has always been BS. :slightly_smiling_face:

You are missing my point entirely,. Cognitive dissonance is evil,… I get it. 6 Attorneys within 100 miles is fine, but my point is that before all the bad press about USCCA not paying claims I had an order of magnitude more options. Coincidence, causation…I don’t know. I am here asking questions, trying to decide if I’ve wasted my membership $ for the last 7ish years, and folks that just blindly stick up for the USCCA aren’t helping anybody.


What is BS? Throw out a few facts instead of gifs big guy…it would help the people who don’t speak ■■■■■■■ or wokespeak.


You seem to be the one with your own problem, not mine to solve. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: