Veteran or 2A friendly small businesses

We all know some of the big names like Grunt style, and nine line. I know there are a ton of good companies out there doing great things word just doesnt get out. I support veteran owned companies as much as reasonably possible.

I’m wondering what some of the smaller ones are.

One of my new favorites is Combat Flags, unfortunately I really buy a lot of flags but recently this is the only place I do. Great story, proceeds go to a great cause

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And really? Um, yes please:


I as well support veteran owned business

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Just looked up Heroes Vodka and they sell it at a liquor store not far from me at Stones River, so I’ll be getting a bottle this weekend.


When we were in So.Cal and had a more-farm-hands-than-we-have job, we’d post it on

you can post your location (anywhere), the job or work you need done, (perm, contract, or day-work) what special skills you need (if any), and choose from any military base or area to hire in. Jobs are open to active and mustered-out military and their immediate families.
About once a month we’d do some farm job that needed more people and we never had a problem getting a crew out of Pendelton Marine Base, as many workers as we needed. Generally took about 30 minutes to fill the job after posting it.
Never had a bad day on the farm when we had a crew of Marines :purple_heart:


Here’s a couple others:


Personal care:

and this…


Lowe’s offers a 10% discount to veterans. Also, I heard on the radio that Kohl’s has start what they call Military Monday, discounts for vets, and their families on Mondays