Very disturbing information! can anyone

See, Memes That Don’t Fit Anywhere Else II ( no politics ). For complete analysis.


thanks all for your input!

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I posted three reputable links, one being the Canadian government.

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Yes, but your much more reasonably titled links don’t tell a story that is anything remotely close to the mass death camps and genocide implied by the headlines in the original links.

The small number of people these laws will affect must first willingly volunteer and then be appropriately evaluated and approved before being “marched off” to the non existent “gas chambers”.

These laws were not designed to selectively wipe out any given group of people. Some people might take advantage of the laws to try to end their lives when there may be other options. And the poor may rightly feel that they have far less options. But that is a choice they should get to make with their doctors as long as they are clearly mentally capable. I am in no rush to leave this planet but if I ever found myself in unbearable pain and nothing but a massive burden to my family I would hope to have the right to choose when and how I get to meet my end.

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