Vehicle Mount

What type of mounting system do you use in your vehicle? I hate the idea of drilling holes under dash or in console. I’m not sure adhesives will hold up in Arkansas summer heat and humidity.

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I don’t use a vehicle mount presently.

Main reason being, in case of an accident, where will your firearm be after the impact and will it be accessible?


I don’t use car mount either. Buy I was considering holster mounted at the front of driver’s seat, between legs.

Or bedside holster mounted below the seat.

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I bit the bullet and used screws to mount the magnet holder under the dash. Actually tried the Prepcision style and a flat magnet style. Ended up liking the flat magnet better for leg clearance. The dealer did not notice the holes under the dash when I traded the vehicle.


I used screws and a metal plate behind the plastic to mount a holster under the steering wheel column.

I live in FL and the 3M adhesive promoter is the best thing ever in this heat. Upside is double sided tape stays in place. Downside is double sided tape stays in place.

Up to you to decide which is the lesser evil - holes or permanent tape residue.

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Hi Randy50 I live in Arizona and don’t use a vehicle mount for my gun I just use my Tommygunpack and it’s always with me so it’s easy for me to draw or just carry wherever I have to go. Just a suggestion.

I use a flat digital single gun or double small gun safe that I place on the floorboard behind the front passenger seat. Per our laws in California the firearm needs to be stored in a locked container secured to the vehicle. The easiest and very effective is running a cable from the safe to the seat. The safe should have a slot that the cable goes into and then you just run a loop around the seat mount.

Check this out. I own three of these. Easy to move car to car and rescuer with the cable.

Pug mount & holster screwed to console near right leg. Mount can only use metallic clip on holster. Didn’t care for magnet as accident might disengage firearm.

Alien Gear hook in loop holster for the shapeshift system. Stuck it to the side of my trans tunnel next to my knee.

ShapeShift Hook and Loop Holster (

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