Vehicle if a felon co-signed of a vehicle and is on title is it illegal to carry firearms in the vehicle

So I have my own vehicle that is financed, however, the person that cosigned on the vehicle is a felon. Even though the felon never drives the vehicle as it is mine is it illegal to carry firearms in that vehicle in the state of Oregon. As I didn’t know, that felons cannot be around firearms. However, is it OK for a non-felon to carry firearms in the vehicle if they are not in it, even though they are cosigned on the vehicle and title?


Is their name on the registration?


I’m not a lawyer and would suggest that it is probably worth the time and potential small fee to ask one. But my assumption would be that if the felon’s name is not on the registration and they are not in the car with you it likely won’t be an issue.

My limited understanding is that the primary concern is making sure that the felon does not have access to the firearm.


Does the felon in question have keys to the vehicle? Also, do you ever store the firearm in the car? These questions are framed into a scenario called constructive possession. Just something to think about.


Yes, their name is on the registration and title


They do not have keys to the vehicle. I don’t store firearms in the vehicle. But I do travel with them to go to the gun range, but this question was something that popped into my head and I was not sure if it was an issue.


Ask an attorney.

I’m not a lawyer and cannot and do not give legal advice. My lay person opinion is, I don’t see how that would be illegal since the felon laws are based around access to or possession of firearms, but, not being an attorney…I can’t be sure.

You travel with a prohibited person/convicted felon to go to the gun range?


Never thought of this matter before.
A cousin got in a vehicular accident and went to prison for a few years. I am mindful not to discuss guns with him. I’m not sure if he’s aware I’m carrying.


It probably isn’t illegal for you to be in the vehicle on your own with a firearm you legally posses. Though you are likely to be treated with a lot more suspicion from LEOs since when they run the registration it is going to show up as belonging to a felon.

It sounds like your situation is worth talking to a lawyer about. At the very least to keep your co-signed felon out of trouble. I would think a felon at a gun range or riding in a vehicle with firearms on the way to a gun range is likely to get into some legal trouble.


If the person in question does not have the keys, you might be in good shape here. If their name is not on the title, constructive possession might not be an issue at all. The law would have no way to believe that he could be in the car with your weapon. If you don’t store the gun in the vehicle when you are not in it, then nobody could make an issue of that either. You might still want to ask a local attorney or a member of law enforcement just in case. Good luck sir.

EDIT: My above response was done by email. I had not seen that the persons name is on the title. Still, if the person does not have keys, you still might be ok. My only remaining concern is that the person does have a legal right to access the car. But if you don’t keep it in the car overnight or at work, etc. I don’t really see how the person could end up being near your weapon.

If you could do so financially and/or legally, you might consider buying him out (if applicable) to get his name off the title.


Recommend seeking reliable legal advice (attorney with firearm/ATF experience).


Interesting question. I have 12 aunts and uncles, so if you do the math, one can guess just how many cousins I have, ergo, what are the odds one’s a felon.

I’ve no idea in your case, but my initial impression is the cosigner has certain rules imposed upon he/she. But those rules might not apply to you.

I hope and think “you” are in the clear, but do please ‘check you local listings’.

Be aware, per

“Your Oregon driver’s license is linked to your Oregon concealed handgun license. Therefore, a law enforcement officer will be notified immediately that you are a concealed carry license holder if they run your driver’s license.”

May we all fight for our rights.


@Christopher446 You say you travel with them to go to the gun range? That’s a BIG concern there.


Are you aware it is a felony for a felon to even walk into a gun store or shooting range?