Vehicle carry in Arkansas

So i recently bought a holster mount for my truck, i live in arkansas and im trying to find out if i can legally install it on the side of my center console on the driver side, it would be between my leg and the console. Some states are weird about this from what i hear but is this okay in arkansas?


Hello and welcome @Anthony342
I am not a lawyer or give legal advice but I do not know if you can carry that way in Arkansas, just NV.
Have you checked on Concealed Handgun Carry Licensing - Arkansas Department of Public Safety
under Arkansas CHCL Law & Administrative Rules


Open or concealed carry is legal in Arkansas, “§5-73-120. Carrying a weapon” states " (1) The person is in his or her own dwelling, in his or her personal vehicle" is covered under Castle Doctrine and general carrying code.

I’ve read the Arkansas code numerous times and personally see no definition on where or how the firearm is stowed. My opinion only yada yada…


@Anthony342 Welcome to our family brother, we are glad you are here. I suggest you check the link brother @Karacal posted you may find what you are looking for there.