VA Parking lot rules/laws

Can I legally lock my gun in an installed safe in my vehicle while it’s parked in a VA hospital or clinic parking lot? I just want clarification to what I’ve read so far.

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This question goes to the entire concept of law in the United States. It is lawfull, it probably is not legal.
All sorts of government agencies have policies that violate what is lawfull. They have their rules and policies, that are bureaucratic in nature.
Too many chiefs in government concerned with their power and not with regard to your rights, all with rules and regulations that violate your constitutional rights.
You have to go along, because the penalties resulting from violation of policies, can ruin your life.
Until and unless the public, enmass, understands and insists on individual rights garaunteed and supported by the supreme law of the land, we are subjects of the government and therefore subject to their capricious nature.

I believe we are all subjects under out of control illegal laws/policies we can’t stop.

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Is the parking lot open to the public or do you have to go thru a gate? If it’s open to the public it would seem to be very difficult to jam you up on it. Especially since they’d have to search your car to find it

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There is no gate. But the same is true at most federal parking lots.

It would seem it’s open to the public then

@Sheepdog556, is correct. If it is a clinic located in public then it is safe as long as you are being discrete and its lock in your vehicle. On a VA Campus… Such as State medical centers it is similar to driving onto a military base… The actual grounds are a gun free zone. As you go through any VA gate entrance you will see the posted signs. I lock my EDC in my truck when at my local clinic. I do not carry onto a VA campus.


I installed a safe in my center console. Hidden and locked. I didn’t chance it this morning though. I know not to even have ammo or guns when I go on post/base.

It doesn’t matter if you go through a gate or not. The signage going onto the property of any VA campus or clinic states clearly that firearms are prohibited.

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