UTUBE - An Alternative To Trashy TV - And My New Drug

During these particular days, I’ve been all over UTUBE - you can find just about any subject you can think of, here - and lately, I’ve been overdosing on the virtual ocean of comedy it contains. One of the craziest shows I’ve been watching is the one hosted by Craig Ferguson - here, you’ll find multiple, marathon appearances by William Shatner, Larry King, and especially Betty White. Dangerfield, Rickles, and Norm McDonald, also - McDonald’s infamous guest visit on THE VIEW put a permanent knot in all their panties, especially “Baba Wawa”, after his remarks on Clinton. There’s a 3-hour compilation of McDonald on Dennis Miller’s shows - Miller’s crackups are precious. Take advantage of UTUBE’s features - they can be addictive, versus the mindless trash we’re stuck with, now. FYI


I use YT for the same, info and entertainment. Anything you want or need to know and many things don’t. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve been all in on YouTube for years. I have premium so there are no (added to the video) ads, and I get the music streaming too.

Garand Thumb
War Poet
Active Self Protection
Answers with Joe
Operations Room
Donut Operator
Mr Gunsngear
Historia Civilis

Off top of my head


Dry Bar Comedy on YouTube has some good clean comedy.


Think I’m up to 193 subscribed channels now. I used to use Roku but with a computer and AdBlock there’s no commercials.
Donyboy for small engine repair
Free Movies, a few other movie channels
S2 underground
America uncovered
Donut media for humorous car stuff…like universal fit superchargers from wish.com that made a VW sedan go from 81 to 46 horsepower :joy:
CB media, mainly Thailand crazy car scene.
Sky news Australia, conservative leaning news mainly about the US…


YouTube is great! One of my guilty pleasures is watching music reaction videos by certain individuals. I can’t tell you how much new, to me, music I’ve found this way.
I eatch almost zero broadcast/cable tv these days. Don’t even watch the local news. I am so tired of the exclusive coverage of “bad”.

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This is interesting, We spend a lot of time on youtube too, for exactly the same reasons. I have to laugh, I spent a week of evenings watching what they call “Rock Bouncers” ultra type 4x4’s muscling up impossible hillsides and near vertical rock formations. Mindless in a way, but none of the trash, You will even see American flags and hear the national anthem, Amazing.


I have been a utube addict for the past couple of years. only bad thing is that I don’t sit out in the living room. but, my wife doesn’t mind leaves her to watch what she wants and we can still talk to each other

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I like Craig Ferguson, Hes nuts for sure. Yeah Comedy is a great escape

Gotta check this out