Using TV for self defense scenarios


I never watch TV at home but while I was at the CC instructor course this weekend I turned on the TV in the hotel. This was on: VENGEANCE: Killer Lovers – ‘Til Death Do Us Part (April 14)
It’s an episode of a new mini series of the true-story dramatization variety. It completely lined up with both the content of the legal section of the class and the way it was presented.
This episode told a story of self defense between husband and wife which sounded legit on the surface, was supported by evidence on the scene, and borne out by past police reports of domestic abuse. However the dead hubby’s family was mad and found someone who would testify to premeditation (in exchange for a deal on something they were being charged with) and convinced the prosecutor.
It was laid out one fact at a time, each evolving the way the story looked from innocent to increasing appearance of guilty.
It was an instructive example of the legal nightmare that can ensue after a legitimate shooting.

Anyone else have movies or TV shows they recommend as training scenarios?


I think any tool that can get you thinking of a situation you haven’t thought of yet is a useful tool

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I’ll have to see if I can find it on cable this weekend, @Zee. There are a number of legal shows that have some gems in them - granted, not all of the episodes have those legal nuggets.

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