Using feflections situation awareness

Using windows reflecting to see your surroundings and the reflection in the paint of vehicle’s in parking lots awareness THROU reflection can save your life


I had an issue October of 2022, and I was watching the person(s) in the reflection of a freshly washed Escalade. So when the person(s) started at me I was able to react in time.


SOP. Glass is your friend! When I walk through town a LOT of my attention is on big glass windows on stores and shops. Saved my bacon when I was in town with my daughter and a homeless dude was approaching me from behind with a brick in his hand…


Thanks for the heads up.


Yes, learned to use reflective materials ages ago. I have taught my wife and daughter that, too. On a trip abroad when my daughter was young, I pointed to a person standing at the corner of a storefront that clearly was also using the window as a mirror. I told her he most likely was a plain clothes/undercover officer than a criminal based on behavioral cues, and just kept walking.


Use everything that has to nature offer. Reflective surfaces, shadows, and sounds.


I also like to watch other peoples eyes. If people suddenly shift their attention there may be something worth checking out.

Another trick I have only used a couple of times but may come in handy again - When in a public place with someone behaving strangely enough that I want to keep a close eye on them but don’t want them to notice I’m watching, I switch on the camera of my phone. It is wide enough angle that I can hold it pointing somewhat down so I look like I am just cluelessly reading or watching a video on my phone but it gives me a clear view of what’s going on in front of me. You also don’t have to use the camera if there are other people who might see what you are doing. You can direct your eyes at a webpage on the screen and use your peripheral vision to keep an eye out for any sudden movements. And the phone can work as a reflective surface as well if you have an app on with a black background.

One of the few times a phone might actually help someone increase their situational awareness:)


I use glass and windows all the time because you can see who’s walking behind you. We used windows a lot while on stakeouts.