Used Springfield RO Elite 10mm?

Good deal? Looks like maybe shot one magazine, 2nd mag follower never used


I’d say very good deal for this model.
Perhaps you will be able to find it new for that price… but not these days for sure…

Everything depends if you like SA 1911s… :thinking:

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Thanks @Jerzy, I initially got really excited because I could hold it in my hands and this one is genuinely basically brand new. At the end of this day, I walked away because I really don’t need that much power nor penetration. I will admit, Want came really close to overcoming Need today!

Sigh, I am resolved to continue the quest for a used 1911 chambered in 45 that is like brand new at a great price :grinning:


I know that feeling… Whenever I see the handgun that feels great in hand I’m ready to buy it… :no_mouth:
Thank God my wallet is always empty :grinning:



Guncrafter’s .50GI is a blast to shoot! It really is not half as bad as you might think.

@Gary_H You might want to browse this link: Firearm Classifieds | 1911 Firearm Addicts

Some really good deals pop up, but are often sold fast.

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I don’t have an elite but i really like my Springfield 10mm!

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Meh. Personal preference, but I’d go with the Glock 10mm, or if you prefer the grip angle of the Springfield then go with the XD-M in 10mm. Even brand new those should be cheaper than the used RO, and more durable to the conditions where a 10mm would typically see use.

Man… look a this picture again:

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It is not about 10mm plastic fantastic…it’s about 1911 :wink:


Here’s to the good ol’ days :beers:


YES… I can drink for this ! :love_you_gesture:

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Personally, I NEVER buy a used gun - I want out-of-box new, with a full factory warranty. You don’t know what’s been put through it, or how many rounds. You’re better off with an up-to-date pistol, unless you just want to punch paper. The same goes for used cars.

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I agree. I’m ok with used cars, but I don’t trust in used firearms… maybe I would be ok with used ones at my range, I trust the staff working there.

I feel this about used weapons: 1: Guns are designed to perform for thousands of rounds. It appears that this weapon has had less than a box of rounds. If the weapon is going to fail in fifty rounds you don’t want it anyway. I feel that a Springfield weapon will be able to shoot long after you have stopped.
2. Some people lust after shiny things, but for reasons known to them, the whiz-bang is not their cup of tea. They simply cut their losses and move on to the next product.
3. take advantage of a mistake and make it your own.



I don’t have a problem with used guns. You might ask if they have a 3 return policy or something in case there is a problem. I do buy used from people I know, or long term forum members on a forum I trust to be honest. No issues so far.

My guess is someone bought it, and did not care for shooting the 10mm. Funny, once you drive a new car off the lot, it is a used car. :grinning:

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A little more data is there was a receipt in the Springfield range bag. The receipt was from Ace Hardware and had the 10mm, a 45, and a Mossberg and some ammo on it. The 10mm was sold for $849.00, $50.00 less than the store is asking for it used.

Hmm, only $50 less than new? I might look into a new one then. Assuming prices for new ones are about the same. As I said, I often buy used, but if it was only $50 more for brand new… I would go for new.

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I did some internet research and concluded the recoil and penetration are not as ridiculous as I thought they might be. I also noted that in a pinch you can shoot 40S&W in a 10mm auto, so I called and confirmed it was still there yesterday. Loaded with info and thinking they might be negotiable after it sitting there for weeks, I drove down this morning. Somebody bought it at the end of the day yesterday and kept my wallet a little heavier :rofl:

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