Used Lever Action 30-30

Hello, recently looked at a used winchester 30-30, have always liked the lever action and the size of it, it’s length.
Any tips or websites to learn what to avoid or how to tell if it’s a good one, I’ve bought one .410 used from this local archery/gun shop + pawn before but want to learn how to know which brand of lever action should be avoided or how to tell if it’s a keeper.
This would complete my collection of desired guns when I get one, any caliber center fire lever action is good with me, Thanks folks

I have hunted with both Winchester and Marlin. I prefer Marlin. :+1:


I concur with @BRUCE26 Some of the Henry’s are interesting, but I have heard both good and bad about the quality of their rifles from Henry owners and have no personal experience with them. They make a .410 lever action “axe” shotgun I think is just to nifty to ignore. I have a Marlin 336 in the gun safe.


I personally am not a lever gun guy but my FIL is and my father gave his Marlin 336 to my eldest son. I do all the gun maintenance for my FIL and I have gone through my son’s rifle. The older Winchesters are MUCH smoother, the 336 is pretty doggone smooth in comparison. IMHO if it cycles the action smoothly it’s probably a keeper. The Marlins have “Microgroove” barrels and the Winney’s have conventional barreling, it’s a toss up as to which works better. As with most used guns if the action cycles smoothly and while operating it slowly it a fair good bet. Most lever guns never see 500 rounds in their lifetime.



Edit to add: Find the little screw on hammer thumb rest thing that allows you to de-cock the rifle with much more security especially if you install an optic.


I’m speaking more from a third party reading on the firearm forums over the years so take my opinion with a grain of salt. I’ve never bought nor shot one. The hunters I know usually use bolt or double barreled rifles.

It’s my understanding that different era’s of different brands will have different goods and/or bads to look for. For example a Marlin around 2008 might have more QC issues than an older Marlin (Remington transition). A 10 year old Winchester might have different issues than a 50 year old winchester… etc. You might look to the specific year of manufacture to ask for issues with that model and brand.

Sometimes the brand will have an official forum to read through or ask questions. Sometimes this is a good or bad thing. However, it might be one place to look.