USCCA Winner's List

Yes, people really do win USCCA Contests! And here’s the proof!

Congratulations to all of the responsibly armed Americans who have entered our most recent contests and walked away winners!

To view the official list of even more past winners, please visit

Brian H., ND
Herin M., CO
Alaberto C., IA
Mervin L., AR
John C., TN
Debbie S., TN
Tracy E., TX
William H., TX
Michael B., TN
David M., NH
Godfrey B., TX
Martin E., OK
Paula G., CA
Kane B., IL
Pat M., IN
William P., KS
David M., LA
Richard S., PA
Bruce S., AZ
Tim L., TX
Dale G., CA
Anthony J., UT
Lawrence P., PA
Russell D., SC
James G., WI
Brian B., MI
Frederick F., OH
Al M., OH
James B., AR
David T., CA
Gregory B., OK
Aaron K., WI
Charlotte M., CA
Travis H., TX
Richard S., FL
Yohance M., IL
James P., WI
Ron M., IA
Bruce A., IL
Douglas W., VA
Bradley C., AZ
Dalton G., TX
Joel M., GA
Timothy A., FL
Glen S., MD
Jarold S., CO
David P., MI
Michael W., IA
Kendra T., KY
Robert D P., NC


Yeah, but my name is still missing…:grin:


Same with me. My name isn’t there either. But I keep trying. Maybe one day mine will be listed.


Mine isn’t on there either… oh wait… :unamused: I can’t win. :stuck_out_tongue:


my name is on there i think?


I won in the gun-a-day giveaways in 2017.:grin: I didn’t even know there was a giveaway going on recently


Did you win within the last two months, @Brian55? The list above is just the last two months-ish.


As someone interested in joining and having the same question, I see this list and it does not seem to be updated since Oct 2019. Would think this would be on going and updated more often if this was on the up and up.

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Definitely on the up and up, but updating the winner’s list on the website isn’t at the top of our priority list. Check out a few of the winners in the Community (search for USCCA Winners - there’s a tag on the conversations where winners post about what they won)!

And no, employees and their families cannot win :sob: :rofl:

Not bad. Only 3 months for a response. Guess not an important topic to

Sorry we didn’t see this one sooner, @Rayg5102! There are literally thousands of topics in the Community and thousands of comments a week. We do our best to see as many as possible, however, we don’t always see comments that we’re not tagged in or aren’t a direct response to the moderators. When we come across a comment that hasn’t been responded to, we do our best to provide useful information.

If you have a question that you need a response to, please tag @moderators or PM us directly. If you need urgent assistance, please give us a call at 877-677-1919 or use the Chat function on the main website

Hope this helps!

Congratulations to all the winners out there!

I look at that long list every month and … :sob::sob:

I wanna win :pleading_face::disappointed: