USCCA Winner's List

Yes, people really do win USCCA Contests! And here’s the proof!

Congratulations to all of the responsibly armed Americans who have entered our most recent contests and walked away winners!

To view the official list of even more past winners, please visit

Brian H., ND
Herin M., CO
Alaberto C., IA
Mervin L., AR
John C., TN
Debbie S., TN
Tracy E., TX
William H., TX
Michael B., TN
David M., NH
Godfrey B., TX
Martin E., OK
Paula G., CA
Kane B., IL
Pat M., IN
William P., KS
David M., LA
Richard S., PA
Bruce S., AZ
Tim L., TX
Dale G., CA
Anthony J., UT
Lawrence P., PA
Russell D., SC
James G., WI
Brian B., MI
Frederick F., OH
Al M., OH
James B., AR
David T., CA
Gregory B., OK
Aaron K., WI
Charlotte M., CA
Travis H., TX
Richard S., FL
Yohance M., IL
James P., WI
Ron M., IA
Bruce A., IL
Douglas W., VA
Bradley C., AZ
Dalton G., TX
Joel M., GA
Timothy A., FL
Glen S., MD
Jarold S., CO
David P., MI
Michael W., IA
Kendra T., KY
Robert D P., NC


Yeah, but my name is still missing…:grin:


Same with me. My name isn’t there either. But I keep trying. Maybe one day mine will be listed.


Mine isn’t on there either… oh wait… :unamused: I can’t win. :stuck_out_tongue:


my name is on there i think?

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I won in the gun-a-day giveaways in 2017.:grin: I didn’t even know there was a giveaway going on recently

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Did you win within the last two months, @Brian55? The list above is just the last two months-ish.