USCCA sticker on my truck gets noticed


William, I completely agree with you. I’ve carried most of my adult life both professionally and now as s private citizen. Advertising that you’re armed invites trou6no matter how professional you are. My state allows open carry and I’m often amused or frightened by the folks I see practicing open carry. None of them represent the gun community well. Still, it’s their right. I just choose to avoid them.


@NJStraightShooter, Check out gun for hire @ woodland park. The range is owned by Ant Colandro, the newest NRA board member elected at the NRA annual meeting in Indy last month.

He’s a good friend, tell him Judi and Sarge sent you!



I need to simply get magnetic decals for my vehicle.

My regular assortment that I want for normal driving that I can remove and replace with 2016 Hillary, Pro Choice, and other such magnets when I visit certain cities (Portland comes to mind) so my car wont be vandalized or stolen…

I have a low placed sticker on my bumper for supporting the police not criminals, that one alone makes my car a 50/50 chance of being intact if I take it to Portland…


Try to go to a store that sales sheet magnets. Then you can put your stickers on them. I do it with stickers that I have.


Thanks for the offer @Scott, however the range is about 1 hour away from home and the most direct path takes the GSP or Turnpike and the tolls, traffic and gas would kill me faster than a home intruder.

I go to Union Hill Gun Club in Monroe, NJ.

Thanks again for the suggestion.

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Welcome to the Community, @Scott! Thanks for the recommendation for @NJStraightShooter!


This is what I have on the back of my car. And the stickers that are not on the rear window are on magnets. And it make the easy to replace win needed to do so. And I did have to do it recently. I’ve also noticed that sometimes when I’m at a traffic light that sometimes people in the car behind me pull out their cell phones and take a picture of my car. And I’ve also had people come up to me and make comments about the stickers. And as you can see I’m VERY PRO GUN RIGHTS AND 2A. I also belong to all groups on the car as well.

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