USCCA’s 2020 Concealed Carry Expo has been postponed!

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like the whole world has just lost its mind?


Here’s the thing that people are missing, imho: if you’re sick, stay home. I blame the news media for all of this.


Sorry to hear about cancelling but I guess it is the best thing to do.

I took some corona virus medicine today. Comes in a bottle and seems to be working so far.


That’s a shame. I hope I can attend the new date.


Ummm…You are not alone friend!
I’m with you!


The Govenor of CA just told me I have to isolate myself at home due to my age. Better than prison for sure. I get all the yard time I want.


For those of you who are quarantined - self-imposed or otherwise - know you’re not alone! I’ll be working remotely for the next few weeks as well. I have a family member who cannot risk the exposure and since I can work from just about anywhere (and do work from just about everywhere), working from home is in the cards for me.

I’ll be online so come by and visit frequently! BTW - this a prefect time to get some dry firing and presentation from the holster drills in!


Amen to that!

But *unfortunately my work can’t be done remotely :tired_face:
I’m still down though!!

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Thanks, @P365. I’ll see if we tried changing it … :slight_smile:

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No. You’ve just taken enough that you can’t tell.

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My brother in FL has his CCL and told me he went to Publix to by a pint of his favorite coffee creamer.
#1 That is stupid to risk catching the CV over a pint of creamer.
I asked if he carried, he said he had his gym shorts and a t-shirt on and his carry makes his pants fall down so he keeps his firearm in the car if he needs it
#2 That’s stupid too.
Repeat, He left for Publix later that evening to get a pint of ice cream!
#3,#4 Stupid, Stupid.

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