USCCA "right to recoup legal fees"?

This is an email that I just sent to uscca.

I just saw a video from “attorneys for freedom” program pitching their legal protection. They say that uscca has made recent changes in coverage that would make us responsible to pay back attorney fees if found guilty of a crime or even to accept a misdemeanor plea deal that would potentially be the best option. He went on to explain that 95% of cases end in such deals. Is this true? Could you shed any light on the topic explaining if this is a commonly expected outcome? Thank you.

The uscca team was very professional and responded quickly to my question, but basically just referred to the contract language that does seem to confirm that they “may” demand reimbursement for legal defense payments to third parties resulting from defense of charges that you are found guilty of, or that do not result in a liability/damages claim.
Has anyone had a personal experience with this sort of
result? If I have a defensive display of my firearm and need legal defense of charges that are ultimately dropped, am I on the hook for the lawyers bill since there was no lawsuit for damages? I’m a little confused as I have zero legal knowledge, lol.
Maybe @mikeBKY can chime in!


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