USCCA Perks and Discounts page

Hey guys, I went to the Perks and Discounts page and found an amazing discount on VERTX Bags and Accessories.
I had been looking for a new bag to replace one I was not pleased with, The CC area on the bag was difficult to access and construction was not great.
I found Vertx, and I am very Pleased! Savings is amazing. Even the lady I spoke to on the phone, who had not done a USCCA Discount, seemed surprised at the amount. You will not find it cheaper online or in a store.

Fast forward, this bag is fantastic. Highly recommend!

USCCA had gotten us all a wonderful deal on great products! Vertx Bag is great!


Which did you end up purchasing?

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I got a single sling computer bag/cc pack. i think it was called the commuter sling bag? about 20 x 10 x 6

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