Uscca magnet

Just received the new uscca leather magnet…super strong


Aww man! I would love one!

But hey my sticker is plenty yet discreat

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USCCA SofHold Black Gun Magnet - USCCA Store (

@moderators, Just to inform you of Store issues.

That’s the link in the store, but I can’t get it to load and can’t add anything to the shopping cart. I’ve tried with three browsers now. I also can’t get to the store from the side-link, but the link at the bottom of the page appears to take you there. I’ve had nothing but issues since the site update. I’ll be glad when they work out the kinks.


Hey @Fish,

I apologize for any issues you are experiencing. The link that you provided worked for me personally.

I would suggest clearing your cookies and cache on your web browser to see if that helps. Sometimes that being full can cause errors. Additionally, if you are not already, using Google Chrome works best for most of our sites such as the Protector Academy and Member Dashboard.

I checked and now it pops up with no issues. I also checked a couple of other issues that are now cleared up.

The only thing not working now is the Achievements. I’ve completed “At the Range with an Instructor” and “Back to the Basics”, but the achievements are still not colored. No big deal for me, but if you have them, they should work.


Oops. Forgot to put in @moderators so they see this…

What type of uses do you think you will find for the magnet?

Besides the intended uses to hold a sidearm it can be used as a board magnet to hold up heavier objects. It can be displayed just for the looks. It can be used as a magnetic dart. Give one to the kids as a toy, since they usually love magnets. Just lots of things.

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